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Aspie Chattr: a place to be yourself.

Welcome to the federated social network for aspies and other NDs where you can chat to other peeps with ASD, ADHD, and related conditions. Discuss similar life experiences and your special interests or hyperfixations. Much like Future up there, you can take your (metaphorical) mask off for a bit. You don't have to worry about "being normal" here! (And did you bring the Molly? I only have Percocets.)

Part of a decentralised network full of special interests!

Aspie Chattr is a laid back community where you can relax and "be yourself." As you can tell from the tone of this page and the fact there's a rap video at the top of it, we don't take ourselves too seriously here. But this site also has an extra trick up its sleeve, something that makes it stand out.

As a federated website, Aspie Chattr allows you to connect to niche interest groups all over the net from your Aspie Chattr account. Everything from Linux to Pokemon to anime to pictures of cats can be found within the federated network, known as the "fediverse."

This means that as well as being a social network for others on the spectrum, it is also a gateway to your special interests. You can choose to see posts from the fediverse to bring in content from a whole network of niche sites, find ones related to your interests, and talk to other people who share them. Check out this post for a non-technical overview of how this works.

No tracking, no ads!

Privacy is a core value of the fediverse and we are no exception. We provide very flexible privacy controls for your content and our platform contains no ads and no tracking. By default your posts are public but are not indexed by search engines. Content on your feed is shown chronologically, there is no algorithm trying to learn all about you and manipulate you. There is zero obligation to use a real name or post your face and your data isn't treated as a commodity.

How you choose to share your data is up to you. Want to make your feed private and only allow those you approve to follow you? No problem, it's very easy. Or if you want to open your profile to the world, let people google it, add it to our public directory for easy discovery within the fediverse, and share your thoughts across many different communities, you can do that too! You can even go down the middle and let the public see your profile but only allow those you approve to follow you.

The point is: not only is the choice yours, but you have very fine grained control over how your data is shared or not shared. Privacy isn't an on/off switch, you choose exactly how each part of your profile is treated. One of the keys of a decentralised network is that you are in control of your data, not the corporations.

Why are registrations moderated?

Primarily to filter out obvious trolls, sock accounts of people we've banned before, spam bots, etc and to maintain a tight-knit community as they make people feel at home and encourage real human connections. It is also easily observed that smaller internet communities are generally higher quality in terms of content and discussion.

Remember, of course, that the wider fediverse we connect to is also at your disposal so if you want a larger more varied community it's there at your fingertips. And as it's made up of many smaller communities, the same quality principle tends to stand.

Do I have to be autistic to join?

No. As mentioned at the top this community is aimed at anyone who is neurodivergent. Additionally, if you're suddenly realising you may be ND even if you have no official diagnosis, you are also more than welcome here. If you are neurotypical, let us know why you want to join on the registration page and a decision will be made based on that.

The fediverse comes into play here as well: even if you don't register directly with us, you can register with another Mastodon community, connect with us from there, and chat to people who choose to make their profiles easily discoverable. This is the point of a federated social network so we fully support it.

Donations are open if you wish :)

As we've said above, this site is open for free to anyone neurodivergent or who believes they might be. We do not harvest your data or sell ads. So I am hosting this site purely out of my own pocket.

If you'd like to help with the hosting costs a little, feel free to donate what you can afford using cryptocurrency. Any amount big or small is appreciated. As you are not required to enter your name, address, credit card, etc the process is entirely anonymous! Technically speaking, of course, most cryptocurrencies have a public ledger on the blockchain, but no one involved in the transaction will know your identity unless you tell us.

Just a few simple rules...

We provide a free platform for neurodivergent people of all kinds without the ads, tracking, data mining, algorithms, you get on the big social media platforms as well as connections to a broad range of other communities made up of general purpose social media, niche interest groups, location specific groups, and more.

In return, all we ask is you follow these simple rules:

  1. No trolling or harassment of anyone on this platform or others connected through federation.
  2. No discrimination based on any protected characteristic of anyone on this platform or others connected through federation. We are a neurodiverse community so please respect the diversity of others too.
  3. No personal attacks against other users of this platform or others linked through federation. It is perfectly acceptable for users to disagree with each other sometimes. You can either ignore it or debate the issue at hand. But in a rational debate you attack the idea, not the individual. Responding to disagreement with personal attacks only damages your own argument. Take some time to cool off if you need to, or just block the user if they're causing you stress, but we want civil discussion not ad hominem attacks.
  4. No releasing personal information on anyone, member of this site or not, against their will aka doxxing.
  5. No spamming or advertising of any kind, even if the links are autism related. No, we don't want your referral links for cheaply made fidget spinners.
  6. "Light" nsfw content is permitted as long as you are of age but this isn't a porn site, so you can e.g. post a risqué selfie now and then provided you are 18 or over, but this isn't a place to dump porn or spam links to it.
  7. No posting of nsfw content without using a nsfw tag on the post in question. The tag allows people who do not wish to see such content have it hidden from their feeds and can be easily activated by tapping the "nsfw" option when making a post with media attached.
  8. No illicit activity, links to sites conducting illicit activity, or discussion of intent to commit illicit activity. More detail on what this means in a practical sense below.
  9. No creating new accounts to circumvent bans. Depending on circumstances and the reason for the ban, it may only be temporary or we may decide to reverse it later on if the issue can be resolved, but this is at our discretion and we will not do it if you make attempts to bypass the ban.
  10. Alt accounts are permitted if you prefer to separate your activities and personas so long as you stay within the rules on all accounts. More info just below.

The normal sized small print:

We wanted the above to be a quick overview and introduction to Aspie Chattr and the fediverse we're a part of, so we didn't get too deep into the details. But you probably want to know those, we're aspies after all, so here goes:

First off we reserve the right to update the rules at any time without prior notice and in response to things we cannot currently foresee. We also reserve the right to just update this page with extra or updated info and good stuff like that.

Second, while we disallow use of "sockpuppet" accounts for the purpose of trolling or bypassing bans, we understand the desire to use "alt" accounts for privacy and/or if you wish to maintain multiple personas separated from each other and these are allowed just as long as you follow the rules. If get banned on one account, your alts may also be banned depending on the reason for the ban.

You are permitted to discuss topics relating to illicit activity, but you cannot actually use our platform to conduct it. An obvious example would be a news story. These tend to involve crimes. You can of course discuss something in the news.

A slightly more nuanced example would be posting about how much you enjoyed your White Widow Super Cookie Haze OG and that bottle of purple stuff your dealer swore on his nan's life was definitely legit Actavis even though they stopped making syrup in 2014. This is fine, although you are still technically incriminating yourself and do so at your own risk, talking about taking drugs isn't a crime so you're not actually conducting illicit activity through the site.

However, offering to sell drugs through this platform would be conducting illicit activity through the site and will get you banned. Same goes for telling people to contact you elsewhere, or linking to darknet markets or sites providing links to them, and yes this also applies to posting that you're looking to buy them.

And yes, buying and selling weed is still not allowed even if it's legal in your country. For one thing, legal countries usually have strict regulations on the trade of cannabis and they don't tend to permit selling it to random strangers on the internet. And for another, why are you selling weed on an autism site in the first place?

The key concept to take from this is context is king. It's one thing to talk about smoking weed, or to discuss a news story, but it's a whole other to e.g. talk about actually going out and killing people. An extreme example yes, but I hope it makes my point clear. If you obsessively post about school shooters (as per the "Columbiners" fanclub on Tumblr) we will consider this against the rules, you will be banned if it continues, and in addition if your posts indicate intention to commit a serious crime law enforcement may be contacted.

We do not use or allow ads and have no analytics services installed and even staying within our site you can communicate with people from outside servers as long as the federation link has been made. However, the fediverse is made up of various independently run communities which we have zero control over. If a particular site within the fediverse contains spam or other rule breaking content we encourage you to report this to us and we will blacklist it from federating with Aspie Chattr. But we cannot promise you will never visit an external Mastodon site that does choose to display ads and track you. And, of course, if you click on a link someone shares e.g. a news article, odds are the site will have ads and trackers. To limit this I highly recommend uBlock Origin.

Please note: the YouTube videos here are embedded in "privacy enhanced" mode. This means that, according to YouTube at least, no cookies are set unless you play the video. The embedded videos are served from the "youtube-nocookie.com" domain. This page is written in basic HTML so I had to use regular YouTube embed code.

However, if you post a YouTube video on the platform itself the privacy protections are even stricter. A thumbnail is generated by the site when a YouTube link is detected in a post. Unless you click that thumbnail, you only see the thumbnail served up by our servers, not YouTube itself. Therefore YouTube cannot track you through a video inside a post until you actively click to play it.

The tl;dr version is quite simply: while we do all we can to practice good privacy protection here, we are not responsible for the content of third party websites, the fediverse included.

Our servers are configured securely and kept updated in a timely fashion. Updates to the server's OS are installed automatically, after which the server reboots itself to ensure the updates are running if needed. Updates to Mastodon are installed once fresh backups are made and we've tested that the build will update in a stable fashion. However, nothing is 100% secure and it is always possible for data breaches to occur. We hope it will never happen and we take strong precautions, but we will naturally alert users ASAP if we detect a breach.

At any time during your use of the platform you are able to exercise your GDPR rights such as:

  1. Delete your account from the settings page. This removes all your data from the server permanently and this is irreversible. Please note there may be a delay between us deleting your data and other fediverse sites doing so. Data cached by other fediverse servers is outside of our control. The same is true of search engine caches for instance.
  2. Download a copy of your full account data in the portable ActivityPub format. This archive includes all account data. Alternatively you can choose to only download a portable CSV files of some data to transfer to another Mastodon server.
  3. Import a copy of your data from another Mastodon server using CSV files to restore some data such as who you followed, who you blocked, your bookmarks, etc.

For more comprehensive information please see our privacy policy.

Most importantly...

We hope you enjoy the site and have a great time.

Here's Juicy J to play you out: