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Anxiety: everything is important

Depression: nothing is important

ADHD: I have no idea what’s important

Autism: all the neurotypicals find this important, but it makes no sense and is completely unnecessary so it's really not. But they get mad when you say that.

Hey folks, note to introduce myself. I'm a 46 year old male who was diagnosed as ASD in December last year, after years of treatment for depression and anxiety. Whilst life on a daily basis isn't too disrupted, I cross the DSM-V criteria and symptoms "have moderately impacted his social and vocational opportunities and his psychological health" The combination of pregabalin and venlafaxine keeps me stable. On a massive learning curve now! Look forward to interacting with you all x.

Are you looking for employment information, advice and resources? We have lots on our website for both autistic people and employers, including our free Finding Employment online course: bit.ly/3rjt5rz

...Third, autistic people felt like they belonged with other autistic people and that they could be themselves around them. These findings show that having time with autistic friends and family can be very beneficial for autistic people and played an important role in a happy social life."

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"First, they found spending with other autistic people easier and more comfortable than spending time with neurotypical people, and felt they were better understood by other autistic people. Second, autistic people often felt they were in a social minority, and in order to spend time with neurotypical friends and family, they had to conform with what the neurotypical people wanted and were used to...

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‘I never realised everybody felt as happy as I do when I am around people’: A thematic analysis of autistic adults’ relationships with autistic and friends and family


Hi there! I'm a socially awkward soon-to-be mechatronics engineer with who loves learning new stuff.
My interests include culture, , , , , , and .
I often get obsessed with my interests.
Currently trying to learn more about and on the web.
You can talk to me in english, spanish and portuguese, but expect me to make mistakes ^^"

The fact that "cw: eye contact" is such a big thing on Mastodon really suggests to me there is a large population on the .

A tear is rolling down my face. For the first time ever in his life, my 33 year old autistic adult son walked up beside me, put his arm around me and said,"I love you" #autism #happyttimes

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