‘I never realised everybody felt as happy as I do when I am around people’: A thematic analysis of autistic adults’ relationships with autistic and friends and family

"First, they found spending with other autistic people easier and more comfortable than spending time with neurotypical people, and felt they were better understood by other autistic people. Second, autistic people often felt they were in a social minority, and in order to spend time with neurotypical friends and family, they had to conform with what the neurotypical people wanted and were used to...

...Third, autistic people felt like they belonged with other autistic people and that they could be themselves around them. These findings show that having time with autistic friends and family can be very beneficial for autistic people and played an important role in a happy social life."


I found the Wikidata item for that article #Q90143032

This is another scholarly article by(among others) Catherine J Crompton:

"Autistic peer-to-peer information transfer is highly effective"

The above is the #wikidata item for the #scholarlyarticle which #CatherineJCrompton (#Q90143027) participated in.

What does it take to register on your aspie Mastodon network? Is it an invite only server for offline aspie/autie/ND friends?

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