Want to save an article as text to use later?📰

Vivaldi lets you convert any webpage to text with one click. 😯

Know more👉vivaldi.com/blog/convert-webpa

While some are having big events, we are having our little party too.🎉🥳 Some fun is allowed!🤣


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If you’re a dyed-in-the-wool user, you might be surprised with Vivaldi's features. Also available for 's new Macs with ARM-based processors.


Do you mess around with or ?
Ever wondered what inspires the people behind Vivaldi browser?🤔

Want to move from a boring default option to a fast, efficient, and feature-rich ? @dolven shoots and scores here👇🏀🗑️


flying high. Literally.👏

But wait, what about a browser to match?!😂

P.S Watch the clip closely.🔍


[Video embedded in original tweet]

RT from Jan C. Gerhard (@jcgerhard)

Do you know that @vivaldibrowser and @NotionHQ are best friends? @NotionHQ fits perfectly in tiled windows and/or in a web-panel because of it's great mobile responsiveness! This is so damn productive! 🤘

Vivaldi's built-in Notes have syntax. Keep your fingers firmly planted on the keyboard as you apply formatting on the fly. Here's our cheat sheet.🙃

RT from 💉 1/2 // Levente Krisztián Büte (@christianbute)

It's amazing that with 2 clicks, I can collect all the tabs from the same domain to a group in @vivaldibrowser.

When my browser looks like a disorganized mess, this method saves my sanity.

There’s something for everyone in Vivaldi, including .🎮 Beat @PrebenFjell's score in Vivaldia — a built-in game.

You didn't know that, right?😅


RT from ɳeaƌЯeporʈ (@NeadReport)

I'm making Vivaldi my default browser and Duck Duck Go as my default search engine because Google FLoC is flucked. theverge.com/2021/4/16/2238749

With languages, you feel at home anywhere.🏠

Recently became our 80th . Find out why the localization of languages matters.

Vivaldi CEO @jonsvt in conversation with @TQ5TV.

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