You have more followers than you think. Our collaboration t-shirt with the awesome @MELODYEHSANI team is available now at (w/free shipping worldwide).

Got a new phone number? You can now change the number you registered to Signal and keep your chat history, groups, and Signal profile.

Fixed! Thank you everyone for your patience.

Happy Friday! We are aware of some failures for people during registration, and are working on a resolution. Please hold tight, new folks! Everything else is up and running.

🚀 Our latest Signal Desktop release has many performance improvements, and now runs way way way faster on Apple's M1 chips. If you're starting the new year with a new computer, try it out at

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It's a new year! I've decided it's a good time to replace myself as the CEO of Signal:

Signal now supports 40 person group calls. Building large end-to-end encrypted group calls required some new engineering. Learn how we did it here:

Signal is built for you, not for your data. You can join the community of people who sustain it:

Yesterday some beta testers on Android might have gotten an update with a red app icon. This was because we accidentally promoted the alpha release directly to beta w/o changing the color first, not in celebration of Taylor Swift’s rerelease of Red. Apologies for any confusion.

TL;DR - Another government request for information. This time Luxembourg by way of San Francisco, USA.

In another reminder that Signal doesn't know anything about you, our transparency page has been updated with two additional government requests and our responses:

black fabric, black ink
ready for you to enjoy
subtle Signal shirt

Available worldwide at

You can set up disappearing messages and customize the length. So whether you're stealth mode 🥷🏿, discreet mode 🦸🏽, or just “these messages and photos don't need to take up so much storage” mode 😤, you can literally set and forget.

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📒 Note to Self, is your own personal and private scratchpad that can by synched across all your devices. Copy/paste a password or drop your grocery list in, it’s for your eyes only. You can also turn on disappearing messages to ensure you always start with a blank sheet.

You can make your own sticker packs for you and your friends. We recently collaborated with the artist Plastic Thing on one. All you have to do is upload your custom stickers via the Signal desktop app. Learn more about making stickers here:

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Welcome to all the newcomers! A few things to get you started on Signal:

Group calls can now hold up to 16 people. Across iOS, Android, and desktop, you can go ahead and get your whole rugby squad together for an overdue catch up.

Millions of new people have joined Signal today and our messaging and calling have been up and running but some people aren't seeing all of their contacts appear on Signal. We're working hard to fix this up.

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