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Hi there! I'm a socially awkward soon-to-be mechatronics engineer with who loves learning new stuff.
My interests include culture, , , , , , and .
I often get obsessed with my interests.
Currently trying to learn more about and on the web.
You can talk to me in english, spanish and portuguese, but expect me to make mistakes ^^"

Just scored an internship! I thought I had blown it at every single stage of the selection, but somehow they thought I fit the job lol
Apparently just throwing "IoT" on your CV increases your chances of getting called for a job interview lol
Brazil is on the verge of a military coupe haha Guess I'll die 馃挬
Giving habitica a try again. Last time a dude in my party blew it by cheating, because the shiny digital things became more important to him than actually getting shit done lmao
But I finally got my VyVanse back, so my baiting days are over 馃檹
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I've been using the birbsite too much lately. Mostly to bait fans of politicians and act like a 6th grader. I'm not proud of it, not even a bit. But when they bite it, I'm filled with such joy. And that makes me feel even pettier lol


I'm out of vyvanse for a week and I feel like shit :( I need my prescription asap
fcuk I'm out of vyvanse 馃挬馃挬馃挬馃挬

GITS spoilers 

GITS anime: what does the merging of consciousnesses mean to identity and individuality? // GITS manga: Puppet Master - "hey wanna merge?" Motoko - "lol k"
Can tech people help me with this? Is there any serial terminal app for Linux that will let me echo the UART output on a USB port to a different USB port? I'm currently using Realterm with wine. I need to monitor the communication between an Arduino Uno and an ESP8266, but I don't want to use SoftwareSerial.
Last week was the de-gendering of Potatokin. This week is the de-sexualization of cartoon bunnies. Can western civilization survive this? I'm having so much fun.:ablobcatrave:

re: Just using Mastodon as a rubber ducky 

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re: Just using Mastodon as a rubber ducky 

Perhaps platformio uses a different compiler on Linux and that dirty strict aliasing violation has come back to bite me in the ass 馃鈥
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Just using Mastodon as a rubber ducky 

It makes no sense. I haven't changed my code or the libraries. All sensors still work fine on their own and so does the stepper, with 2 different drivers. Everything ok on the server side. Arduino to ESP and ESP to server communication also ok.
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I just love it when something that was working fine until recently just stops working out of nowhere 馃挬鈥
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