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Started messing with some digital image editing and minted NFTs just to test it out, ended up selling a few after people saw them and instantly offered me money, now I'm starting to get into this...

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The symbol for Christianity is a torture instrument
-Azumikkel, Jun 2016
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Since our phones have essentially become pocketwatches, we should have the
chain too. Then we won't drop them on the ground.
-ATpanguin, Oct 2014
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Prostitution in England could be codenamed "pound-for-pound".
-craftybutcher, Feb 2016
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If you are "God fearing" and believe God loves you... that sounds like an
abusive relationship.
-sparkswillfly1, Oct 2014
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It would be hilarious if the zodiac killer came forward because he couldn't
stand the fact that some people think he's Ted Cruz
-Tycesucks, Mar 2016
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When I lost a tooth as a child the Tooth Fairy brought me a dollar. When I
lose a tooth as an adult the Tooth Demon takes away $1,000!
-jaspersurfer, Jun 2016
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I've gotten out of bed every day for 18 years. That's 6,570 sit-ups and I
don't have one ab to show for it.
-AtomicEmerson, Jan 2016
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If we ever end up settling on a planet with low gravity, boobs will stay
perkier much longer.
-Whodat1225, Feb 2016

just dropped (if you have an device and a subscription it'll just magically appear in the settings) so bye bye , we've had good times together but can't justify paying double for an inferior service - you only have 24 bit as lossy while Apple does up to 24/192 in lossless .

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Most social media negatively impact the mental health of teenagers, particular girls. This has led to increasing suicide rates and depression. The worst offender found is Instagram in 2017 and institutions have tried have a warning label on images that ...

Original tweet :

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Don’t kill what you hate,
Save what you love

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Goods & services are the real economy, any form of money is simply the accounting thereof

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reddit dot com slash are slash unpopularopinion cold is better than hot

I mean for real this isn’t even that exaggerated. The subscription model bandwagon has killed software I’d happily have paid for otherwise.

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Few years ago: here’s our cool app, you can choose the free version with ads and/or limited features and pay £4.99 for the full pro version if you like it.

Now: here’s our cool app, you can use it for free for three days then you pay a weekly subscription of £20 or you can pay £80 for a lifetime subscription, also we reserve the right to take functionality from your paid subscription whenever we want.

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