@vital876 not every single one, only when it hits the right keywords

@vfrmedia that’s actually pretty fucking creepy… odds are the machine learning algorithm can pick up on such details especially in 4K videos yes, I’ve worked with that sort of tech before.

It’s not only Google who can do it either, AWS offers that type of thing as a service anyone can just pay for and use in their own ad targeting without having to develop complex algorithms themselves.

It’s a very worrying trend for the future :/

Fucking hell YouTube ads are seriously going too far.

Search results are literally two big ads and one actual video.

This is on an iPhone XS Max screen for reference. That’s 6.5 inches. If I was using a smaller phone I’d only see ads.

@vfrmedia @piggo

Something I’ve also noticed at the same time is certain car companies are trying very hard to remain cool in the eyes of young people, because obviously if only old people buy your cars it’s not good long term business.

Mercedes in particular has been on it with blatant product placement in rap videos etc.

Perfect example:


(Still a banging track tho)

@vfrmedia @piggo

I’ve heard the same. Really doesn’t surprise me at all. Most people I know in my age group don’t drive. Although there will be a London bias to that it is also a general trend according to stats I’ve seen.

Kids these days have smartphones and would rather use Uber than pay through the nose just to drive a crappy old hatchback. Can’t blame them. I’m lucky I work in tech so I get access to that lease deal from my employer.

@vfrmedia @piggo

Yeah I know London just makes everything more expensive.

Insurance companies just don’t want the business from young people. And these days even in my 20’s the only way to get insured (personally) is to put a tracker in my car. All insurance companies demand it now. You’re definitely not wrong about the surveillance.

@vfrmedia @piggo

I have heard that but when I’ve gotten quotes they’ve been stupid. Not as stupid as when I was 18 but still stupid. Then again they’ll probably be cut in half when I leave London.

Funny thing about jobs, I remember reading about someone who changed their occupation from game designer to software developer (not dishonest, just a different label for the same job) and knocked a good few hundred quid off his premiums.

@vfrmedia @piggo

And indeed when I’m older I’ll probably wanna own a car especially once the tax incentives for EVs and PHEVs are gone in a few years and I have more disposable income. But as a guy in my 20’s yeah mate lease me a new Merc I don’t have to pay crazy insurance premiums on.

@vfrmedia @piggo

Very true re insurance and mods. Car insurance in the UK is a racket honestly. Any excuse to up your premiums. If you put better breaks on your car they increase your premiums because they assume you’ll be driving faster.

This is why I never bothered owning a car in London. All those ongoing costs. But then the lack of NCB would be biting me in the arse right now if my employer didn’t do the leasing thing. I get covered under fleet insurance.

@piggo @vfrmedia

Shared cars (basically just using Uber or a similar service) is honestly fine in a major city but in a more rural area having a car for your own use becomes more necessary.

@vfrmedia @piggo

I don’t really care if I own the car or not personally because a car isn’t something most people keep long term anyway (I know some people keep the same car for a decade but it’s not the norm).

After having the same one for a few years I’ll be wanting to replace it anyway so a lease that covers everything makes sense to me.

It’s an individual choice at the end of the day though. If you’re proper into cars and wanna mod it you wanna own it.

@vfrmedia @piggo

£300 a month is cheap if a large portion of it would have gone to the taxman. If you look at it like that it’s kind of a no brainer.

Also growing up in London I have no real driving experience. So insurance on a used car would cost me at least £300 a month on its own.

When the alternative is being able to drive a brand new Merc and have all expenses covered it’s the obvious choice when I need my own transport (moving outta London soon).

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The most fraudulent crony institutions on the planet keep telling you to stay away from cryptocurrencies! Think about it.
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I'm no techie, but if "major websites" are down then perhaps the problem isn't with the tech but with the fact that there's such a thing as a "major website"

There's no reason we all have to visit the same ten websites as each other every day, support the little guys

I like the way this place works, where there are lots of little sites and you can choose the ones you interact with, but they're all interlinked on a network, you know, like a kind of inter... net...?

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@vfrmedia @piggo

Don’t forget if you lease an electric car through your employer the lease is super cheap, you pay only 1-2% tax on it, and you pay for that lease out of pretax earnings. Basically you get an EV and a tax break.

For plug in hybrids you only pay 7% tax which is still wayyyy below normal and the leases are cheaper too.

Example I can lease a Mercedes A Class hybrid for £300 a month including insurance, breakdown cover, MOT, tyres, everything.

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