Made a Mastodon relay for my new favourite distro @ManjaroLinuxBot 😌

I do like making these so I can keep up with all the latest shit without having to actually use Twitter. Gonna make a page with a nice organised list of them at some point, I have enough to warrant one!

Great thing about and : when you install something from the distro repo it's actually up to date! And if it isn't you just hit up the AUR.

Gonna mess about with on the weekend using my second Pi 4. Got two images one with (prob sensible for a Pi) and another more fun one with . Reckon I’m try the latter first. Will need to work out how to overclock a Pi on Manjaro tho haha.

Definitely trying . Just not right now while I’m nodding tf out at midnight haha.

Oh and don’t worry I’ve not forgotten about the blog post I’ve been working on it daily. I think I’ll definitely need to split the desktop usage and server usage into separate posts otherwise it’ll be a fucking novel at this point 😂

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If there’s enough demand I’m also toying with the idea of a separate DNS that blocks Facebook. In fact if there’s real interest in the how about an server that blocks all mainstream social media? Let me know.

users can enable DoT easily in settings by pasting the URL. I’ll host profiles for and users. users just need third party (FOSS) software. And a tutorial for - you just need to set up .

Beta (hopefully) tomorrow.

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it's the best and not only is it great in and of itself but even commercial and enterprise software simply would not exist without - the vast majority of commercial and enterprise software relies on open source projects at various layers of the stack. Cloud is the cool new thing. Can’t run services in the cloud without and the FOSS framework built on top of it.

blog post half way done. Will see if I can finish it off today. I’m considering splitting it into two, one for servers and one for desktop, otherwise it’ll be ridiculously long.

Yep I’m sticking on that cheap 10 laptop, officially no device I own is now running Windows.

setting up my first back when the first gen was brand new. I still have it as well! Not that it can be used for much, currently got the 3B+ for actual use, but I can’t not keep my first ever Pi.

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