If there’s enough demand I’m also toying with the idea of a separate DNS that blocks Facebook. In fact if there’s real interest in the how about an server that blocks all mainstream social media? Let me know.

users can enable DoT easily in settings by pasting the URL. I’ll host profiles for and users. users just need third party (FOSS) software. And a tutorial for - you just need to set up .

Beta (hopefully) tomorrow.

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I've started following people on when I follow them on or other platform (assuming their Keybase is in their profile ofc) if anyone wants to follow me on there I will follow back if you're from fedi :D


The fact that "cw: eye contact" is such a big thing on Mastodon really suggests to me there is a large population on the .

Finally got my blog up and running! Used in the end rather than a static site, but it's on a free VPS (for the moment free anyway), it gets served up as a static site thanks to the magic of Nginx reverse proxies, and using WF of course means it's also part of the :)

Oh and I got a sick domain for it... 2cb.rocks

You should be able to follow me on and other platforms using @aspie4K@2cb.rocks

Writing up my first piece now for

Okay I really wanna join in but I don’t have a . What’s the best platform to start one? Ideally but as a so I don’t need to worry about keeping yet another thing maintained and updated.

I know there’s plenty of generators like and but I want recommendations for what’s the best for blogging and good themes for blogging so I can get it rolling.

Thank you !

Only been here about a week but I seriously love the and this little corner of the internet I’ve created for myself with my own instance and the others I’ve with. So many cool people who share my interests especially tech and far less drama than or .

I actually feel happy when I get a notification here. When I was on FB or Twitter it was more like “fuck sake what now?”

Basically this is the only that’s actually positive for my .

Aspie Chattr

A federated social network for aspies and other NDs to be themselves. Chat to others with ASD, ADHD, etc. Connect to the fediverse to bring in content from a whole network of niche sites and follow people who share your interests. Strict yet flexible privacy controls for your content with no ads or tracking.
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