just dropped (if you have an device and a subscription it'll just magically appear in the settings) so bye bye , we've had good times together but can't justify paying double for an inferior service - you only have 24 bit as lossy while Apple does up to 24/192 in lossless .

: releases a lossless service up to 24/192 for $9.99 a month.

: hey look guys we’ve finally made an app.

I swear this is a new feature in 14.6. Definitely never noticed it before. The battery widget now shows the battery life of third party Bluetooth headphones. Before it only did this for AirPods.

I keep seeing people sharing this link like "haha users u got pwned."


But apparently they didn't bother actually reading it:

"Really, nobody's going to actually find a nefarious use for this flaw in practical circumstances. Besides, there are already a million side channels you can use for cooperative cross-process communication (e.g. cache stuff), on every system."

"Covert channels are completely useless unless your system is already compromised."

Doesn't actually surprise me a tech company with a streaming service bought , although I thought it'd be since there were already rumours they were in negotiations. Guess was willing to pay more for a back library.

Apparently 11.3 to 11.4 is a 12.38GB update wtf literally a full OS ISO is like half that at most what are doing also if you’re gonna make your updates stupidly huge at least use fast servers look at this 17 hours remaining

Ohhh the 14.6 update is out and it lets me pay for podcasts amazing 😂

If actually does make their upcoming service the same price as the regular lossy quality (£9.99) they will thrash out of business especially considering the bundle is only £14.99 and that is less than a Tidal HiFi subscription.

I actually have a theory about these security patch updates coming so close to each other. We know iOS 14.5 will introduce new protections that make sandbox escape a lot more difficult. So I’m guessing anyone who has a working exploit chain those improvements in 14.5 will fix is just using it while they can, being much less discreet than usual, hence the exploits being discovered and fixed by much more easily.

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Another emergency security update. I’m glad is being quick fixing these at least but all these exploits are worrying.

I am legit hyped finally has an Silicon build. Been waiting for months.

Why can’t you play music from the to the ? They’re both devices that have existed for years, it’d take five minutes to put an AirPlay button on the Apple Watch’s Music app. Right now it only does Bluetooth for some reason. Apple literally invented AirPlay come on.

Only just learnt this feature exists because:

  1. It’s virtually impossible to find without reading a tutorial online.
  2. It wasn’t publicised at all.
  3. As far as I can tell, no third party music apps actually support the feature, likely due to 2.


"The company won't stop from tracking you, but it will have to ask you for permission first.

Why, then, is Facebook so worried? Because it knows what everyone else already knows--that when given a choice, most people will choose to not allow Facebook to track them.

If that happens to be bad for Facebook's business, that isn't 's fault. It just means that Facebook's business model is based on something most people would prefer it didn't do."


A cool thing has that I wish had too: being able to visit the App Store online and, if you are logged into your iCloud account, being able to remotely install an app on any of your devices.

You've been able to do this with the Play Store for years now.

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