Simple one this time. Giving each vhost on your VPS its own IPv6 is easier than you think just as long as your host allocates you a decent amount!

First blog post I've done in a while. Been spending the past couple weeks fiddling with my configs. If you run an server and want your blog to be HIPAA compliant just so you can tell people it is, here's a guide showing you how.

With all the cryptocurrency madness recently I’m gonna get back on that horse and write a thing about it.

My first blog post for about and its top rivals and as well as a look at the more niche contenders such as @session

Finally got my blog up and running! Used in the end rather than a static site, but it's on a free VPS (for the moment free anyway), it gets served up as a static site thanks to the magic of Nginx reverse proxies, and using WF of course means it's also part of the :)

Oh and I got a sick domain for it...

You should be able to follow me on and other platforms using

Writing up my first piece now for

I now have a fancy new blog. Currently it's just a blank template but it's also 3:02am so I'mma sleep and fuck about with it tomorrow and see if I can do my first entry!

Okay I really wanna join in but I don’t have a . What’s the best platform to start one? Ideally but as a so I don’t need to worry about keeping yet another thing maintained and updated.

I know there’s plenty of generators like and but I want recommendations for what’s the best for blogging and good themes for blogging so I can get it rolling.

Thank you !

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