Fucking hell YouTube ads are seriously going too far.

Search results are literally two big ads and one actual video.

This is on an iPhone XS Max screen for reference. That’s 6.5 inches. If I was using a smaller phone I’d only see ads.

Apparently the media doesn’t understand the difference between income and net worth. Or they know how to manipulate data to craft a narrative. Yeah probably the second one.

Lies, damned lies, and statistics… 📈

just dropped (if you have an device and a subscription it'll just magically appear in the settings) so bye bye , we've had good times together but can't justify paying double for an inferior service - you only have 24 bit as lossy while Apple does up to 24/192 in lossless .

Someone basically made an powered . This will be interesting when it launches in a month… will have to test for science and my devotion to the community.

ADA is recovering pretty nicely. My stash is worth approx $6,400. Total crypto portfolio is roughly $17,500. Still lower than the height of the bull run ofc but the charts are all going up! Considering I nabbed $500 of both DOT and ATOM at below $10 when they usually hover over $20 I think I’ll make some nice profit on those when they bounce back as well.

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