These are the people running and moderating birdsite...

"Elon Musk is loony tunes. He has Asperger's. He's special, he's literally special needs. I can't take him seriously because he is literally special needs."

I don't care what you think about but if you support the horrible comments made by this executive against people with plz just unfollow.

Hate on all you want but there's no excuse to attack someone for being . This is not it is .

Society makes me depressed at times. You can achieve so much you become the richest person in history and even the so called "tolerant left" woke cult still attack you not based on your actions but because you were born with autism.

I doubt Elon would be successful to anywhere near where he is if he was born an NT.

Elon aside, who do these NTs think engineer, code, and maintain the tech they depend on? I work for a big tech company and can assure you it's 90% autists.

People who hold ableist anti-autistic views have no place in the tech industry. I wouldn't even trust to serve me at McDonald's. Such vitriol against autistic people... I get the feeling if he spots that I'm socially awkward he'd spit in my food.

@aspie4K I normally don't really hold it against somebody if they don't like me because of my race/gender/nationality/medical status/etc (or at least try not to). But this is different because he probably tries really hard to appear "progressive" to his peers. I hate hypocrisy.
I would be being hypocritical myself if I hated someone for thinking neurotypicals were superior to autists, since I basically think people with Asperger's are superior to neurotypicals (in some aspects (but a big aspect though)).


Exactly it's the pure hypocrisy here that makes it 100x worse.

The supposedly super evil right wing types don't seem to care all that much if I'm autistic, as in they just don't care, they care more about my actions, skills, contributions to things, etc.

The identity politics obsessed left on the other hand... they talk about tolerance and empathy but behind closed doors this is their true face.

(Obviously these are generalisations, exceptions exist.)


I'm curious tho why do you think aspies are superior? Seems subjective. We're better at some things, worse at others. That's my view.


@aspie4K I don’t know why I was surprised, but I *was* surprised that this didn’t raise more of a fuss. It was startlingly hateful speech against a large group of people, not just Elon.



Exactly... it's not just mocking Elon it's blatantly mocking everyone on the autism spectrum and yet it's gone totally ignored by the mainstream media despite it being right there on video.

Shows how little society cares about ableism.


@aspie4K I think what it got translated to in most people’s minds was this: “Someone said a horrible thing about a person we don’t like, so who cares?” They didn’t think further than that.


@aspie4K which is not to excuse it. That only shows how systemic, if I may, ableism is.

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