No hate, genuine question... why do people use over ?

Aside from "XMPP is old" I don't see any reason to favour Matrix. I also don't see XMPP being around long enough to have a strong ecosystem that's constantly built on to be a bad thing.

From a perspective XMPP is far easier to run as well.

For E2EE they both use OMEMO.

And ofc it's in the name, XMPP is extensible.

Technically speaking I should say XMPP can and often does use OMEMO but can be used to implement literally any type of E2EE you want. You can outright port the full Signal Protocol to it and encrypt metadata if you modify the code a bit. You can even use PGP (although I view this as a legacy feature when OMEMO is more features, uses only ECC, and provides forward security).

@letterus in what way is XMPP less of an ecosystem than Matrix?

@aspie4K Matrix is from one company that provides clients for all major platforms and manages community work. There is no such thing for XMPP. It‘s only thanks to the effort of some single persons that there now is some common sense about which protocol features to implement. Which is not for a long time. And only few clients do implement these features in an acceptable manner.


@letterus if as you yourself just said Matrix is one company making everything, wouldn't that be a point against Matrix being some kind of community lead ecosystem? Furthermore your statement about XMPP make it seem like it has much more claim to being an open ecosystem as opposed to one company just making everything.

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