Apparently the media doesn’t understand the difference between income and net worth. Or they know how to manipulate data to craft a narrative. Yeah probably the second one.

Lies, damned lies, and statistics… 📈

@aspie4K There's no way they don't understand the difference between income and net worth. It's 100% manipulated data to craft a narrative, and depending on the situation of your area, it may be worse. Personally, I have seen plenty of those cases just in the majority of my country's media in the last few years.

@getimiskon UK here and our media is no better than the US media, everything is biased and cares more about trying to sell its narrative than report the facts. Journalistic standards are extinct since the internet. Now it’s just “what clickbait will earn us the most ad revenue?”

Even the “impartial” tax funded BBC is terrible recently.

Not sure what country you’re in but I suspect it’s just as bad everywhere sadly.

@aspie4K well, in Greece, the majority of the media is biased, following the guidelines that our goverment gives them. In fact, there is a list of the media that has been "bribed" from the government, in order to broadcast messages about the pandemic, that should have been broadcasted for free. There are actually lots of issues, it's impossible to write about all of them in a post here.

@getimiskon Greece government just sounds like a mess every time I hear about it. Beautiful country but completely mismanaged politics.

@aspie4K It truly is a mess. And it's always becoming worse and worse every time.

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