me and a couple of friends want to do an online gamenight or something tonight, but the idea was to use MS Teams. I just quickly threw together a #Jitsi instance, seemed to work so let's hope people will join tonight as I am definitely not using #teams without getting paid for it, using it on a work device

these friends 100% don't care about their information going to big data

this is gonna fail and it's gonna be another night of others doing fun stuff while I care about my privacy :balloon:

well one of them just responded with "you don't like teams?" to which I could easily respond. Responding to that I could easily ignore "what's wrong with teams?" because I don't want to preach

more teams talk 

ah yes
"i prefer teams, it's good, it works, is safe, I understand it"



re: more teams talk 




I have to use Teams for work but for personal video chats I use Signal for one-on-one or Jitsi for group vid chats. I got my friends using Jitsi right at the beginning of lockdown so they鈥檙e used to it now.

Web 1 0 1

re: more teams talk 

@aspie4K we've been using some other proprietary software that has been long uninstalled since then, at least for me. I should have done this earlier, but we've mostly been using Netflix Party with this group, no videocalling

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