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I'm sticking to Mastodon, I like Pleroma but it's messy and buggy from my experience with it. Maybe I'll try it again in a year.

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Just read this, thought it was a pretty standard rant about the state of the internet today, then realised it was posted in 2011.

Downright prophetic.

"Facebook now stands as taking over a decade and a half of the dream of the World Wide Web and turning it into a miserable IT cube farm of pseudo human interaction, a bastardized form of e-mail, of mailing lists, of photo albums, of friendship."

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If we live in a simulation, everything we buy is an NFT.

Bought another NFT for 1.5 ETH just four days ago. Already it's worth 2.3 ETH. That's a gain of $2,400 USD in four days. Definitely one to HODL.

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I bought an NFT three months ago for 4 ETH. It's now worth a minimum of 14 ETH. Even in the current crypto dip, that's $33,600 USD.

And that's just one of my NFTs.

I could sell all of them today and already have enough to buy a Tesla outright and put a down payment on a house.

The stock market can suck my dick.

Me as a kid: collecting Pokemon cards

Me today: collecting NFTs

Everyone who has an name on they're doing an airdrop for their governance token right now. It's currently... really quite valuable. Go grab some free money.

"We are the biological bootloader for AI."

  • Elon Musk
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I'm gonna work on a little site with lessons like but dedicated to learn how to setup free open source software! :thinktink:

Everyone should be able to learn easily how to setup any service like Masto, Pixelfed, Misskey etc but all nice neat and free on one platform maybe

Made a potentially useful thing. Was originally a quick and dirty script I did for myself for generating app secrets when setting up stuff for self-hosting. Cleaned it up, added some options, put a first release on GitHub.

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Then also seeing how much stuff ublokOrigin is blocking and that’s when I close the site.

So annoying!

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This whole drama thing kinda made me think of something. When companies do things that get a lot of backlash, they just hire people to deal with it. They have first line support, marketing, spokespeople... When it gets "We leaked a bunch of oil in the gulf" bad, the ceo gives a show, but even that is trained and scripted.

But when you're working in a community, you don't have that luxury. You're one person, just like the rest. If you do things that upset people, you'll hear about it and there's no first line or marketing or spokesperson to take the hit for you.

Just got a Pax 3 curious to see if it lives up to the hype

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GNOME: no, we won't add this option. In fact, let's remove that entire category of options because we don't want you to configure shit. You can either take what we give you and be happy or :text_fuckoff:

KDE: sure, we'll add another settings menu so the one user interested in tweaking this one thing can have exactly the experience they want!

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"This just changed the way I code."

submitted by AWellPlacedCactus

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Took my cat on a train journey, he was meowing at me with the bag shut so I unzipped it for him and he had a great time #cats #cat

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f#$% NSO group
all my homies hate NSO group


I'm just a girl, standing in front of a NSO Group employee, asking them to please go do something, anything else with their life.


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