Watching the Shrek musical while stoned and I feel like Duloc is more of a metaphor for fascism than for just Disney

Drug mention, terminal illness mention, rant 

I just need to be somewhere nice and chill for 3 days and it over. Perhaps I should go spend a week by the sea w/ family. Yeah it'll be fucking depressing because my nan has dementia. But I can just walk along the beach all day. Pop zopiclones. Vape. Collect rocks and fossils.

I just learned that a fair bit of hostile architecture in America began as anti-skating architecture.

TIL: the Peace Sign is a superposition of the flag semaphores for N and D, standing for "Nuclear Disarmament".

Drug recovery mention 

Is it good/OK praxis to slip up/act out for ~just one day~ so that you can attend a KillTheBill protest?
Asking for a friend who's extremely frustrated at how lethargic they've become.

If prison did not exist

it would require the combined talents of

David Lynch, Quentin Tarantino

and the Marquis de Sade to conceive it.

Gonna totally #AprilFools prank law enforcement by lighting cop cars on fire

what the crispy creamy kentucky-fried FUCK is "anarcho-monarchism"

Smartphones are deliberately made to fail at a certain point in order to force you to buy a new one, the cheaper the phone, the worse it is.

This means companies are purposefully contaminating by creating huge amounts of waste in criminal ways.

One of the things i desire the most with the arrival of more #GNU/Linux #smartphones is having more modular phones with replaceable batteries and standard components.

Make that two, two cats sleeping on me and preventing me from getting laundry done.

Capitalism rewards innovation (sometimes), but consistently punishes robustness.

Capitalism tends towards tiny margins. Systems will be stretched to the absolute limits daily and are completely incapable of coping with anything beyond that.

Robustness include redundancy and spare capacity. No robust system can compete in the 21st century free for all of unregulated capitalism.

Meanwhile, neoliberalism demands that every system essential for human life be removed from governments and given over to capitalism. We call this democracy, but it seems more like a Divine Right of Oligarchs.

"Lord of the Flies" 

According to someone on Quora, most readers of "Lord of the Flies" outside the UK aren't aware that the boys are mostly of high social class but Piggy isn't.

Even if it isn't clear from the text, aren't you told in a foreword or something? You'll miss a big chunk of the point.

god removing adams rib so he can suck his own dick

It's time we normalize giving homeless folks cash and being at peace with however they choose to spend it. Because it's none of our business.

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