Breaking good news: Clearview Facial-Recognition Technology Ruled Illegal in Canada

"Canadian authorities have found that the collection of facial-recognition data by Clearview AI is illegal because it violates federal and provincial privacy laws..."

#privacy #AI #clearview #Canada #news #biometric

Not everyone on fedi can code but everyone on fedi was the designated “knows how to change to from HDMI 1 to HDMI 2” kid

I wish fedi had a feature where I press a button and it gives me $5000 for free
Hardware performance keeps increasing and software performance keeps decreasing. Maybe we should stagnate hardware development so that software catches up to efficiently utilise the hardware.
Me: enough is enough
*opens Task Manager*
*All not responding software start working like new*

"when i am alone my mind is free to soar"
- some philosopher probably idk

Woah man so work over decided to kick back with 50mg 180mg and 1mg and it’s proper hitting feel so fucking euphoric and even got a light nod on despite tolerance. Good evening :pillz:​ ❤️

Got on a bit of a rant there but you get my point the major social media companies don’t want drug talk (they’ll allow vodka ads though no problem) so I’d be surprised if there was no Mastodon instances I guess I should look around.

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Okay woah I took 240mg with 40mg , it’s really kicking in now this is how you improve a Monday. If I was working I’d go for the but I’m not.

Hey are there any drug related Mastodon servers? Seems like a good place for one since mainstream social media bans drug groups even if they’re strictly only. Obviously I understand banning groups that allow dealing. But FB for example banned Safe Sesh a big harm reduction group for no reason.

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