A fully and rapidly reusable launch vehicle is key to a future in which humanity is out exploring the stars

After launching NROL-87 to orbit, Falcon 9 returned to Earth

Falcon 9 vertical on the pad at Vandenberg Space Force Base ahead of launch of NROL-87 → spacex.com/launches

Weather is >90% favorable for tonight’s Falcon 9 launch of COSMO-SkyMed Second Generation FM2 at 6:11 p.m. EST. Webcast goes live ~15 minutes before liftoff → spacex.com/launches

Targeting launch of SpaceX’s third dedicated smallsat rideshare mission, Transporter-3, tomorrow, January 13. The 29-minute launch window opens at 10:25 a.m. EST → spacex.com/launches

More photos of Falcon 9 launching Dragon’s 24th resupply mission to the @Space_Station → flickr.com/spacex/

RT from International Space Station (@Space_Station)

.@NASA TV is live now as the @SpaceX approaches the station for a 3:41am ET docking today. nasa.gov/live

94 percent all missions this year were carried out by SpaceX’s fleet of flight-proven orbital class rocket boosters spacex.com/launches

Six years ago today, SpaceX successfully landed an orbital class rocket booster for the first time youtube.com/watch?v=ANv5UfZsvZ

Falcon and Dragon are looking good for launch of SpaceX’s 24th resupply mission to the @Space_Station; teams are keeping an eye on weather conditions at the launch site spacex.com/launches

Falcon 9 and Dragon vertical at Launch Complex 39A in Florida; weather forecast is 30% favorable for Tuesday’s targeted liftoff of SpaceX’s 24th resupply mission to the @Space_Station

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