The authors of the 36,000 furious pieces that hyped a secret plot by the Communists to sap and impurify our precious bodily fluids—which perhaps could have merited more skepticism—should probably pause and reflect on how their work affected the discourse.

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Biden saying “I’m not Bernie“ while he has a 33% approval rating and Bernie has been the most popular Senator for like a decade

Starting to feel like this press conference was a mistake.

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Guardatevi da coloro che innaffiano i giardini dell’odio e della guerra.

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“Méfiez-vous de ceux qui arrosent les jardins de la haine et de la guerre.”

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Cuidado con los que riegan los jardines del odio y la guerra.

Beware those who water the gardens of hatred and war.

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They're known for having sheltered @Snowden. Now settled in Montreal, this family looks to the future

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People are pissed at this because the view young, working class, and non white as mutually exclusive categories. In large part this is because the young Black folks and Hispanic women that supported Bernard were largely ignored.

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New FOREVER WARS: there is no “postwar” Afghanistan when U.S. economic strangulation aims to destabilize the Taliban through inflicting what we might call population-centric vengeance.

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“The ‘neutralization’ program continued until Dr. King’s death. As late as March 1968, FBI agents were being instructed to neutralize Dr. King because he might become a ‘messiah’ who could ‘unify, and electrify, the militant black nationalist movement’…” (1/2)

At some point, the DNC/corporate-media blob may want to reconsider whether sabotaging the candidate with a genuine, lifelong focus on the struggles of the working class was really the galaxy-brain play they imagined.

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New Today: My colleague @CBSLAKristine spoke with @UnionPacific about train theft and they forwarded her this letter they sent to LA County DA in December. UP says they arrested > 100 people in last 3 months but many were fined and released within 24 hours.

Thieving people's medical supplies and then just... throwing them on the ground is a level of villainy the people who write scripts for cartoons would reject as unrealistic.

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