RT from For the Refugees (@4TheRefugees)

We're still waiting on the Canadian government to process the application of Ajith, the last Snowden refugee remaining in Hong Kong. His safety continues to be at risk, and we are renewing our call for the govt to expedite processing and reunite these brave refugees in Canada.

This is the best news I've heard in a long, long time. It would not have possible without the generosity of so many of you who made this happen.

We need to bring one more home before we can say we're done, but I cannot thank you enough for bringing us this far. Together, we win!


It's impossible to replace a default @Windows installation with a Linux distro without feeling better about yourself.

...or as I've recently taken to calling it, GNU plus Linux.

RT from Nils Melzer (@NilsMelzer)

In its persecution of , the administration used methods more readily associated with a criminal organization than a democracy.
Time for @JoeBiden to end this disgraceful travesty, drop the charges & restore the dignity, integrity & credibility of @POTUS & .


RT from Stella Moris (@StellaMoris1)

Langley produced "sketches" and "options" for assassinating Julian.

UC Global discussed poisoning him.

Langley planned abduction, extraordinary rendition of .

UC Global discussed leaving door open so Julian could be abducted from the embassy.


RT from Sarah Abdallah (@sahouraxo)

Yet Julian Assange is the one imprisoned in a maximum security cell.


RT from Michael Tracey (@mtracey)

Curious that Mike Pompeo did not respond to requests for comment about whether he oversaw plans to kidnap or assassinate Assange. Given that he's now a Fox News Contributor, hopefully someone remembers to ask him about it during his next paid appearance

RT from Srećko Horvat (@HorvatSrecko)

Assassinate a publisher in the midst of London? That's precisely what they were advocating all along, from Hillary Clinton to Joe Biden, until former CIA Director Mike Pompeo led to concrete murderous plans against . Will the UK remain accomplice in this ongoing crime?

[Video embedded in original tweet]

RT from Cathy Vogan (@CathyVoganSPK)

As part of the kidnap operation, UK intelligence had agreed to engage, on behalf of their US counter-parts, in a shoot-out if tried to leave the embassy. There was no legal basis for it, since no US indictment as yet, and White House was aware.


Replying to @ggreenwald

The US Government secretly redefining journalists it doesn't like as "information brokers" in order to attack them with the CIA is horrific crime against the constitution.

It's also braindead branding, because "information broker" sounds waaay cooler than "journalist."


RT from William Fitzgerald (@william_fitz)

Over 24 hours, and still radio silence from @theintercept about the CIA's plot to kidnap and assassinate Julian Assange, and to designate two of The Intercept's co-founders as "information brokers" to pave the way for their prosecution for reporting on NSA mass surveillance...

RT from Clare Daly (@ClareDalyMEP)

The ongoing attempt to extradite , to a country that plotted to illegally kidnap or assassinate him, is a travesty of justice.

The conditions do not exist here for a just outcome.

The @JoeBiden administration must drop the charges.


RT from IFJ (@IFJGlobal)

CIA planned to kidnap or assassinate Assange, ex-officials say. If these accusations are true, it would cast a long shadow over all independent journalism. We are calling for a full investigation mol.im/a/10030397 via @MailOnline

Did you imagine you'd see democracy dismantled in your lifetime?

Eventually, each of us confronts in ourselves the question of if and how we will fight for it.


RT from Peter Sunde Kolmisoppi (@brokep)

It's weird realising that by doing what you're taught in school and Hollywood movies are the right thing, you end up on lists as enemies of the state. I have so many friends on these lists. They're all heroes, not enemies. Maybe it's time to list that state as the enemy.


RT from Jameel Jaffer (@JameelJaffer)

This whole thing is mind-boggling. The over-the-top headline actually manages to capture only a small fraction of the lunacy reported here. news.yahoo.com/kidnapping-assa

RT from Renata Avila (@avilarenata)

It is starting. I hope to see each and every news outlet reporting about this. Reports of various plans to assassinate and other Wikileaks staffers. On European soil.


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