Our ambassador, @alexrautism, tells us his top three things to make the world work better for autistic people 👇🏼

Film your top three things here by 15 May 👉🏼 bit.ly/38NLp7W

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"They soothed my brain and allowed me to feel more in control and less anxious..." @autism Content Creator, @TheAspieWorld, talks to us this about struggling w/ his mental health & how focusing on his special interest helped him bit.ly/30H7SN2

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We're so excited to reveal that your fundraising efforts during World have raised an incredible £173,036!🎊

Thanks to everyone who took part this year, we're so grateful for your continued support. (1/2)

We’re researching how to make society work for autistic people. And we'd love you to help, by telling us what needs to change. You can do this by recording a confidential video or audio clip of up to 60 seconds or providing a written or picture response 👉 bit.ly/3MPoGXL

This April, we’re and want to recognise our social care staff and colleagues across the sector. Your commitment to the people you support, day-in-day-out and throughout the pandemic, is extraordinary (1/2)


What does World mean to you?

- Understanding
- Equality
- Inclusion
- Appreciation
- Celebration

We wanted to hear from autistic people, their families, and autistic professionals about what acceptance means to them. Here’s what they had to say 👇🏼

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🎉World is here!🎉 bit.ly/3rfOe8y

Our ambassador, @ChrisGPackham, kicks off the week by talking about our , the vital changes in attitudes he’s seen over the years, and why things are moving in the right direction.

Watch the film 👇🏼

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Who's looking forward to World ?⌛️It's not too late to get involved, whether you’re telling your story, sharing information and resources, or fundraising: bit.ly/3rfOe8y

This time next week we’ll be celebrating the beginning of World 2022! How are you planning to mark the week? Tell us in the comments below 👇

On the Social Care Day of Remembrance and Reflection, we want to recognise the tireless efforts our social care staff and colleagues across the sector throughout the pandemic. The commitment you've shown to the people you support is extraordinary. Thank you.


To mark , we asked some of our autistic female colleagues to tell us about autistic woman they admire. 👇🏼

We’re shocked by the invasion of Ukraine. We can’t begin to imagine what the people of Ukraine are going through, including autistic Ukrainians and their families. If you feel able to, you can help by donating to @decappeal: bit.ly/3HEpo7d


In celebration of , we want you to share your favourite books on autism. Tell us yours in the comments below 👇

Happy ! We want to see some of your yummy creations below or follow @DaisyandOllieUK's step-by-step recipe for making delicious pancakes: bit.ly/3tZxkgi

Today, with one of our Young Ambassadors, Max, we handed in our petition to @educationgovuk. Thank you to the 42,237 people who signed up to call on the Government to invest in autistic children’s futures. We’ll be sharing a news story soon with more details.

Happy ! Read the latest of our , with Ramona: bit.ly/3GHeIEr

Ramona tells us about how she met her husband, the unconventional way she made her wedding autism-friendly, and how it went viral on TikTok bit.ly/3GHeIEr

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Get your friends and family together and challenge them to take part in @anne_hegerty’s Spectrum Quiz this World ! Find out more: bit.ly/3rfOe8y

60 years ago, a group of visionary parents formed our charity bit.ly/32kfklm

They refused to believe that their autistic children could not be educated and belonged in institutions.

View our timeline celebrating what we’ve achieved together

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"We hope to take everything we’ve learned from the process, and continue to create a learning environment that works for autistic people."

Congratulations to Holy Trinity Primary School on its Autism Inclusion Award. Read our interview with them, here: bit.ly/3GCLDKa

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