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Contact and capture confirmed! The @roscosmos Progress 78 cargo craft redocked to station at 12:21am ET as Progress and the station flew 258 miles over the south Pacific. nasa.gov/live

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LIVE NOW: Watch a @Roscosmos cargo spacecraft relocate to another port at the @Space_Station. The move gives the next Progress cargo ship a more direct path to docking: nasa.gov/live

Our mission, with four astronauts aboard, is targeted to launch to the @Space_Station via @SpaceX on Sun., Oct. 31.

Here's a schedule of prelaunch events for the week of Oct. 25, and info on how to watch the launch live: go.nasa.gov/3b4I3uY

Want to know what it’s like to live in space?

Send your questions to @Astro_Megan now. She’ll be answering on Friday, Oct. 22, while she hurtles around the globe at 17,500 mph.


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Time flies when you’re building a Moon rover!

Using 3D-printed and metal pieces, we’ve assembled a full-scale model of VIPER, our Moon rover. Check out our practice run, and stay tuned for the final build in 2022: go.nasa.gov/3C5gFco

He has led teams who design tech concepts for robotic space exploration. An alum of the University of Puerto Rico, he also aspires to be one of our @NASA_Astronauts.

Meet Wilbert Ruperto Hernández in our new @NASA_Es episode of ‘Hispan@s de la NASA’: go.nasa.gov/3jqr7DT

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🔭 Here’s where you can find @NASAWebb resources, including a digital press kit, a schedule of live pre-launch briefings, and info on our Art Challenge.

Liftoff is set for Dec. 18. Ready? go.nasa.gov/3m1CFz2

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🚀👀 Teams with @NASAGroundSys and @JacobsConnects lifted @NASA_Orion, fully assembled with its launch abort system, above the @NASA_SLS rocket during the morning hours of Oct. 20. More photos: go.nasa.gov/3nbKu4S

I mean… 😍

If you have a chance tonight, catch a glimpse of the Hunter's Moon. The nearly full Moon is seen here as it rises from The Observatory at America’s Square in Washington, DC on Oct. 19, 2021. go.nasa.gov/3jniH0d

Credit: @NASAHQPhoto

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Europe at night is absolutely stunning! Enjoy this pass from Europe to Yemen.

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What if an asteroid were going to hit Earth? ☄️

There are no known threats, but asteroid expert Dr. Kelly Fast of @AsteroidWatch says it’s important to find the asteroids before they find us. Our eyes are always on the skies: nasa.gov/planetarydefense

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One of the most important components of a deep space mission: food. 🍕

We have awarded 18 teams for their ideas to feed future astronauts! Stay tuned for a Nov. 9 show on the winners w/ celebrity chef Martha Stewart & retired NASA astronaut Scott Kelly: go.nasa.gov/3ppuMFR

🧳 Vacation on Venus. Kayak on Titan. Sail above a sea of lava. Where will you explore?

Tour some of the most extreme places in the galaxy. The fanciful adventures in this @NASAExoplanets video are inspired by real worlds we’ve studied. Let’s go: exoplanets.nasa.gov/travel

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Update: go.nasa.gov/3aQngLK

- Spacecraft stable, healthy & in good power
- Transitioning into cruise mode
- One solar array latched, one partially unfurled
- Team continues assessment
- No course adjustments needed until December

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Our virtual is open for business!

Join us for updates and conversations about our next @Commercial_Crew mission to the @Space_Station, scheduled to lift off on Oct. 31: fb.me/e/1IiVYQ2Xa

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When Daniel Florez was 7, a trip to @NASAKennedy made him dream of working at NASA. Now he's helping the @NASAGroundSys team get ready to launch to the Moon!🚀🌕

See how @NASA will get the enormous @NASA_SLS rocket to the launch site & design your own Crawler prototype!


LIVE NOW: @Commercial_Crew and @BoeingSpace give an update on the status of Boeing's CST-100 spacecraft. Listen in: nasa.gov/live

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Launch Update ➡️ @NASA and @SpaceX are now targeting 2:21am ET Sunday, Oct. 31, for the mission to the @Space_Station.

Crew-3 is scheduled to arrive at the orbiting laboratory early on the morning of Monday, Nov. 1: go.nasa.gov/3n66RbH

📢 Sing? Paint? Dance? If you create art, we want to see it!

Join our Art Challenge with @KellieGerardi & Delta V -- and show us what you think the @NASAWebb Space Telescope will reveal after its Dec. launch to study our early universe: go.nasa.gov/UnfoldTheUniverse

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🎨 Post a photo or video of yourself with your creation using for a chance to get featured on @NASAWebb's historic launch broadcast!

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