LIVE: Watch return to Earth. The @BoeingSpace uncrewed spacecraft is expected to land at White Sands Space Harbor, New Mexico at 6:49pm ET (22:49 UTC), concluding its demonstration flight to the @Space_Station.

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is on the way home. @BoeingSpace's uncrewed spacecraft undocked from the International @Space_Station at 2:36pm ET (18:36 UTC), ending a five-day stay at our orbiting lab.

Join us for deorbit & landing coverage starting at 5:45pm ET (21:45 UTC).

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LIVE: @BoeingSpace's uncrewed spacecraft departs from the International @Space_Station.

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We're getting @BoeingSpace's ready for its trip back to Earth! Watch live:

12:20pm Astronauts speak with NASA leaders
12:55pm Farewell ceremony
1:30pm Hatch closure

All times Eastern (UTC-4). Watch here on Twitter or

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LIVE: @BoeingSpace's spacecraft proceeds toward the final phase of rendezvous and docking with the @Space_Station, which remains scheduled for 7:10pm ET (2310 UTC).

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A new @Commercial_Crew spacecraft is safely in orbit, and expected to arrive at the @Space_Station in less than 24 hours.

Get a recap of today's launch of the @BoeingSpace aboard a @ULALaunch rocket, and details on how to watch docking:

🚀 LIVE: @BoeingSpace's spacecraft launches aboard a @ULALaunch Atlas V rocket on a demonstration flight to the @Space_Station.

Liftoff of NASA's Orbital Flight Test-2 is expected at 6:54pm ET (22:54 UTC).

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Orbital Flight Test-2 will test @BoeingSpace's spacecraft from launch to docking to return to Earth, providing data to prove it's ready to fly astronauts. What you need to know:

Watch starting at 6pm ET (22:00 UTC):

LIVE: Watch the total lunar eclipse with NASA!

We're streaming eclipse views from around the world and talking with our lunar experts. Send us your Moon questions using :

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Psst! Want to see a total lunar eclipse? Watch on May 15 when Earth sneaks between the Moon and the Sun.

No matter where you are, or if your skies are clear, you can watch with us and @NASAMoon experts ready to answer your questions:

Have you seen the picture of the black hole at the center of our galaxy?

The image of Sagittarius A* (inset) was taken by @EHTelescope. Now see it in context with support from our @ChandraXray, Swift and NuSTAR observatories. Here's what the colors mean:

LIVE NOW: Experts from NASA, @ESA and @SpaceX are providing updates following this morning's successful splashdown. Join our live news conference at

Our four astronauts are almost home! Join us live as @SpaceX's Dragon Endurance spacecraft splashes down off the coast of Florida.

Landing is scheduled for 12:43am ET (04:43 UTC):

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After nearly six months on the @Space_Station, our astronauts are about to head home.

Endurance is scheduled to undock at 1:05am ET (5:05 UTC) on May 5, with splashdown at 12:43am ET (4:43 UTC) on May 6—watch live here and on NASA TV!

LIVE NOW: Following a successful launch, the astronauts have arrived at the @Space_Station and are preparing to dock the @SpaceX Dragon Freedom and open the hatch.

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Freedom takes flight! Three @NASA_Astronauts and one @ESA astronaut lifted off from @NASAKennedy aboard the @SpaceX Dragon Freedom.

's expected arrival time at the @Space_Station is about 15.5 hours from now.

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LIVE: We're launching astronauts to the @Space_Station on the @SpaceX Dragon Freedom!

Our mission is scheduled to lift off from @NASAKennedy at 3:52 am ET (7:52 UTC). Watch with us and send questions using .

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Meet our @SpaceX before our overnight launch coverage begins at midnight ET (4:00 UTC).

The astronauts spent every day for months together preparing for any obstacle—which may just be surviving one another’s bad jokes.

Live launch broadcast:

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Update: Axiom Mission 1 is now set to undock from the @Space_Station at 9:15pm ET (April 25, 01:15 UTC).

We're live on NASA TV as @SpaceX's Dragon Endeavour and crew prepare to depart from the @Space_Station.

Hatch closure is scheduled for 6:50pm ET (22:50 UTC), with undocking around 8:55pm (April 25, 12:55 UTC)—follow along at!

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