🤩 TONIGHT: A mission to explore energy transport in space is set to launch from Virginia, & those in the Eastern U.S. may be able to see it!

🚀 Liftoff is no earlier than 8:02pm ET, with a 40-min. launch window.

➡️ Follow @NASAWallops for the latest: go.nasa.gov/2Q2DxGL

📣 🎶 Are you a musician inspired by exploration & discovery? Break out your favorite musical instrument!

We'd love for your voice to be part of the , a public collection of original tunes inspired by our launching in 2021: go.nasa.gov/3o1Erjq

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🐦 Tracking birds from space! The Avian Migration Aerial Surface Space project uses astronaut photos from the @Space_Station to trace bird migrations across the planet. The images map routes taken by seven endangered or threatened bird species: go.nasa.gov/3ttxSH9

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As the first Asian American to fly in space, Ellison Onizuka was a trail blazer who inspired many. In light of , dive into Onizuka’s amazing journey with NASA in this @GoogleArts feature: go.nasa.gov/3esnrj9

RT from NASA's Johnson Space Center (@NASA_Johnson)

As we near the launch of the @NASA_SLS and the @NASA_Orion spacecraft for Artemis, the lead launch director for this first test flight at @NASAKennedy highlights how we’ve been preparing on this week’s “Houston We Have a Podcast.”

🎙️: go.nasa.gov/2RwmSM0

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In episode 3 of , I got the opportunity to sit down with a @NASA Scientist and talk about the connection between natural disasters and climate change.
Watch it on @YouTube here: youtu.be/tIPR5cS9dxg

🪂 Crew-1 returns home after a record-breaking mission
✋ @SenBillNelson is sworn in as NASA's new administrator
✈️ Our experimental all-electric airplane undergoes voltage testing

All that and more in our latest episode of This Week @ NASA: youtu.be/4RRCD07Jips

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Excelsior! The completed its 1st one-way trip and 5th flight on Mars. It touched down at its new location, kicking off a new demo phase where we test this new tech and see how it can aid future missions on Mars and other worlds. go.nasa.gov/ingenuity

On Tues., May 11 at 10:15am ET, students from Brownsville, Texas will have an opportunity to ask @Astro_Kimbrough & @Thom_Astro questions, and learn about science & research on the @Space_Station. How to watch the live Earth-to-space call: go.nasa.gov/3b9xd7J

For , we are celebrating @NASAPersevere mission commentator and guidance, navigation, and controls operations Lead Swati Mohan. Her work is part of the first mission to collect and cache Martian rock and regolith. Meet Swati: go.nasa.gov/3uxRKKA

We’re partnering with @Axiom_Space to enable the first private astronaut mission to the @Space_Station!

📅 Get the details from mission experts during a LIVE update on May 10 at 11am ET (15:00 UT).

How to tune in: go.nasa.gov/3vPtPqh

🪐⏰ The space clock is tick...tick...ticking! Today’s the final day to cast your vote for the 2021 Webby Awards, and we are up for six.

➡️ Get to know the projects and vote: go.nasa.gov/3sZI8qq

LIVE NOW: As we prepare to send astronauts to the Moon through the @NASAArtemis program, we are testing the @NASA_Orion crew capsule that will take them there and back! Our experts are taking your questions on @Reddit until 3pm ET: redd.it/n73eys

This week...

🪂 Four humans successfully returned to Earth
🔬 @Space_Station astronauts investigate tissue chips
🧑‍🚀 Shane Kimbrough of @NASA_Astronauts researches space debris

Get the details about these stories in this new episode of : youtu.be/EMUyaIH7HaI

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🔊🔴 New sounds from Mars: Our @NASAPersevere rover caught the beats coming from our Ingenuity ! This marks the first time a spacecraft on another planet has recorded the sounds of a separate spacecraft.

🎧🚁 Turn the volume up: go.nasa.gov/3h9RygT

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Live in the Eastern U.S.? You may be able to see a launch from @NASAWallops! A suborbital sounding rocket is set for liftoff no earlier than Sat., May 8 at 8:02pm ET, with a mission to explore energy transport in space.

🤩 Where & when to look up: go.nasa.gov/2SsNcHj

Last October, our OSIRIS-REx spacecraft touched down & captured a sample of asteroid Bennu.

On Mon., May 10 at 4pm ET, it begins the next stage of its journey : a two-year cruise home to Earth. Tune in live: go.nasa.gov/3tutVCa

RT from NASA Solar System (@NASASolarSystem)

Are you a musician inspired by exploration & discovery? Share your inspiration in your unique voice, and join with others to create the , a public collection of original music inspired by our launching in 2021. More: go.nasa.gov/3nTuW5s

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RT from SOFIAtelescope (@SOFIAtelescope)

May is ! Project scientist Naseem Rangwala leads our scientific research & was one of the first women to leave her small town in India to go abroad to pursue her Ph.D. She studies molecules in stars that are important for life. ✨
More: go.nasa.gov/3ePl3la


Off to new places! The is slated for its fifth flight on May 7, with data coming down at 4:31pm PT (7:31pm ET). The rotorcraft will take off at Wright Brothers Field and will land elsewhere this time, which is another first for Ingenuity. go.nasa.gov/3f117fk

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