We are happy to announce our second with @Hi_MINISFORUM. This time we went for an Office optimized starting from $299. Check out the with @ManjaroLinux pre-installed: store.minisforum.com/products/ This includes @CodeWeavers for the first 1000 orders!

[Video embedded in original tweet]

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I can't talk about Steam Deck yet, but I CAN talk about the cool little box that Valve says has "comparable" specs.

Say hi to the @Hi_MINISFORUM UM700, shipping with @ManjaroLinux.

More to come as I explore it.

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MauiKit and Maui Apps 2.1.1 is out!
Check out what's new and grab the APKs and AppImages packages from the blog post.


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Are you a researcher, politician or activist? Do not use Microsoft, Google or Apple software, they are watching you.Stop Mass Surveillance: use Manjaro Operating Systems.
With free Tails Os & Kodachi live Boot system.
Test : manjarocomputer.eu/manjarotest

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Manjaro Privacy Combo : Notebook AMD + Manjaro PinePhone Edition with Convergence. Privacy everywhere, as it should be.

Find out what @NovaspiritTech things about our new featuring @ManjaroLinux as your at home! youtu.be/AFRuwtTquk4

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Working on a review for this miniPC. The test bench Value recommends for the SteamDeck. 🍻

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Free manjaro usb stick for live/reinstall or install other computers (gnome/xfce/kde) on every Manjaro Notebook order.
Test live&online: manjarocomputer.eu/manjarotest

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Introducing the EliteMini UM 700 PC with Manjaro Linux. With SteamDeck like specs, this mini-PC is poised to play your favorite Steam games via Proton in a compact form. In full disclosure, the EliteMini UM 700 also includes a license of CrossOver Linux.

Should @ManjaroLinux continue to drop 4.x kernels and use compressed firmware files?

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