So far we generated over 100 TB of traffic in less than a week at our new partner @CDN77com. How do you feel about download speeds of our Main Install Medias of @ManjaroLinux?

Just a reminder that our limited-time pricing for a @ManjaroLinux virtual desktop by @shellsdotcom that you can access from any (even a !), anywhere will not be available for much longer! Get yours today!

We are glad to announce our next of . This time we partnered up officially with @CDN77com to offer you guys superb download speeds. Get your latest @ManjaroLinux install medias now:

Get ready for the . went good so far. We are proud to be the featuring on @ManjaroLinuxARM. Read up at the forums of @thepine64 what the shipping date for you will be:

Seems our missed . We figured out a way on how to add torrents now to our developer releases. Expect our other to ship with torrents soon.

Finding the right Linux Distro for yourself is sometimes hard. Our friends at @shellsdotcom might have a solution for you, you may want to take for a ...

We are happy to report that @CDN77com started to support us since yesterday officially. Therefore we will extend our service to offer our future via their excellent . Together we happily served already over 44 TB in less than 96 hrs!

Find out more how our first day with @CDN77com went so far. For sure we like the speed on serving ISOs of @ManjaroLinux with them so far!

We had some hard time to get our @ManjaroLinux ISOs download-able at . So we are currently trying by @CDN77com to see if that works for us. You can try out the new links from here:

RT from (@shellsdotcom)

In case you missed @LinuxUnplugged Episode 399 the other day...our very own "jack of all trades" (system engineer/product manager) @zlatandebian joined the podcast to talk RE: the tech behind @shellsdotcom! Check it out: Shells discussion starts at about 13 minutes!

For a limited time as low as $3,30, you can have your own personal @ManjaroLinux in minutes on any device. Visit @shellsdotcom to find out more:

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