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AirTags are real!
They use the “Find My” network and the U1 chip to find your things

Never. Ever. Buy a tech product based on the promise of future software updates.

The @WVFRM Podcast confines to level up! This is our next entertaining episode yet IMO: The Story of the Rise and Fall of Boosted Boards 🤓

Hey Bixby, how do I properly dispose of a Galaxy Note 7 that I've kept since 2016 that is now slowly swelling 😬

Been fully vaccinated for about 25 minutes now (2 weeks 'til fully officially effective) 12/10, highest rating I've ever given. Would highly recommend getting it when available 👍🏾👍🏾

How do you know when you wake up in the morning you’re not just a teleported copy of someone with transplanted memories

And by confirmed I mean you can literally ask Siri when the next event is, and it tells you April 20th for some reason and Apple hasn’t removed it or commented on it yet 😅

Retro Tech Season 2 drops starting tomorrow 🙌🏾

[Video embedded in original tweet]

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