Lucid Air and Mustang Mach E commercials During SNL

Tesla CEO hosting SNL

There’s a joke in there somewhere

You've been scrolling for a while, check on that posture. Oh and don't forget to drink some water today. Rest your eyes if you've been staring at this screen for a while. Aight cool carry on

🚨🚨 NEW CHANNEL Alert! 🚨🚨

My podcast @WVFRM is now a video podcast! And the first episode is now live, so go subscribe and watch it!

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Tech tip: get vaccinated

Accidentally spent a week straight on a video again. It’s almost done. But it’s a good one!

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May the fourth be with you.

The eCosYsTem
via @halalit_usman 😅

[Video embedded in original tweet]

The Cybertruck in real life somehow looks like CGI. Like an Augmented Reality demo where you forget to add enough polygons/reflections 😅

[Video embedded in original tweet]

The video I’m uploading right now wouldn’t have been possible without a few hours of marine biology research and watching a lot of shark videos… You’ll see why in a few minutes when it’s live 🤓

World population: 7.67 Billion

Top 3 most viewed YouTube videos:

Shape Of You by Ed Sheeran: 5.29 Billion views

Despacito by Luis Fonsi: 7.32 Billion views

Baby Shark: 8.43 Billion views(!!!)

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FYI: chrome://settings/content/notifications

"Sites can ask to send notifications" -> off

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