Fun fact: This new iMac is so thin (11.5mm) that it can’t fit a headphone jack on the back (typically 14mm deep) so they HAD to put it on the side.

I’ve always been thoroughly entertained by “fashion” brand’s prices 😅

Well that was fun. Off to make my recap/reaction video. I have a lot of thoughts 🤓

Stay tuned to:

M1 iPad Pro
Thunderbolt USB-C Port
Mini LED Display (12.9” only)
Starts at $799 and $1099

So here’s the thing. The iPad Pro was already a mile and a half ahead of every other tablet in performance. M1 iPad Pro is going to be unreal, but… still an iPad? There’s gotta be other changes.

Apple. You should have made the computer 1 inch thicker and put everything in the chin BEHIND the display. And you know it 😅

New keyboard option with TouchID
Also new matching Magic Mice and Touchpads

My reaction to the new iMac design: These are ugly. They are stunningly thin, and likely mostly metal. Great.

But huge chin, white bezels and odd colors 😁

Video team: So Tim, how much are we allowed to spend on the transitions?

Tim: Yes

New AppleTV 4K and AppleTV Remote. Will be $179 (32GB) or $199 (64GB)

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