NEW VIDEO - I have some questions for the Surface Duo 2. But the big one: Can This Be Saved?

I haven’t shown a ton of home tech, but I’m lately starting to get really into outfitting everything imaginable 👀 Also this is the only reason I'll NEVER miss a package delivery. Link here from @BestBuy: (

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Sourcing some pics and... why does it look like the OnePlus Nord marketing team was just breaking into people's homes?

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👀 “…the event of your death… coming later this year.”

So I’ve been using Pixel 6 for about a week now - here’s my unboxing and first hands-on:

FaceID is trending… These new laptops have a notch, but there is no FaceID. It’s weird. I have a video in the works for all the good and bad of these new machines 🤓

The new MacBook Pro
14-inch and 16-inch versions
120Hz ProMotion HDR display
HDMI, Thunderbolt 4, SD card slot
M1 Pro or M1 Max silicon
New keyboard, no Touch Bar
Longer battery and fast charging

14”: $1999
16” $2499

Apple flexing so hard about how they gave back ports that they took away is just poetry.

The Touch Bar is gone
They added an HDMI port
They added an SD card slot
They added MagSafe back

As a Final Cut editor, you have my attention, M1 Max MacBook Pro

Also this wouldn’t be an Apple event if I wasn’t nerding out about this lab with perfect soft overhead lighting, perfect cable management and an array of literally 40 Mac Pro over his shoulder. Casual.

M1 Max
Up to 64GB memory
Same 10-core GPU as M1 Pro
Doubled 32-core GPU

Also for the first time, they’re actually showing which PC laptop they’re talking about in these insane graphs

M1 Pro
10-core CPU
70% faster CPU than M1
2x faster GPU than M1
Up to 32GB of unified memory

I am ready for all the nerdy, gritty details and I will be thinking about the inevitable Apple Silicon Mac Pro from this point forward 🤓

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