In recorded history no one has escaped this ancient prison yet we are counted three times a day to ensure we are still here.

Fear of alien abductions is the only rationale I can think of.

The prison loud speakers must have been designed for an outdoor rock concert - constantly blaring commands that sound like a wrathful god shouting in your ear.

Certainly keeps us on our toes.

The worst thing about Spanish prisons is the food.

If I never again have to eat stale bread and a cold hot dog my life would be complete.

An officer with 26 years experience saying "I accidentally used my pistol instead of my taser" is equivalent to saying:

"I missed your call because I accidentally answered it with my wallet."

RT from Janice McAfee (@theemrsmcafee)

Many have asked how @officialmcafee is doing & I wanted to share his thoughts on the matter.

"Conditions are so bad that it wouldn't bother me if war broke out. I'm so tired, a war would be welcomed. Even if they started dropping bombs on the prison I would just say thank God!"

In the midst of this dank prison there is an inmate who is constantly smiling. I asked him why.

"You don't need a reason to smile" he said.

Just thought I'd pass this on.

Michael Burry. Nothing bending or even approaching SEC regulations. Just warning of a bubble bursting.

And he is "visited" by SEC regulators. He deletes his account.

Germany. 1939. Hitler's SS "visited" every opponent of Hitler's regime.

They all had a change of heart.

The US spends our money in secrecy. They reveal mere generalities. Yet our every penny is scrutinized.

The opposite of our constitution's intent.

Crypto currency privacy coins are the greatest defense against this corrupt system ever developed.

RT from Janice McAfee (@theemrsmcafee)

.@officialmcafee has been in a Spanish prison for six months. He has been dubbed Papa America by the other inmates since he is the oldest man in the prison by far. It has been a tedious ordeal but John has remained in good spirits. Most days. It is time to

Board a plane. Spend $500 for a meal. Go nowhere. Then get off the plane.

People are doing it. An excellent paradigm.

Pay a hooker $500. She takes you to her room. She assures you a nice meal. And then you leave.

Endless opportunities for every profession.

Power improves no one. Love, gentleness, compassion, kindness - have no use for power. They flower from the heart.

The parts hungry for power are greed, hostility and every other destructive aspect of human nature.

Power corrupts. Without exception.

Facebook, a private company, can ban an account for breaking its rules.

Let's accept that.

But deleting posts for simply interviewing the rule breaker is a precedent that bodes ill for the future of free speech in social media.

A new world.

Composed of a masked society.

Touching elbows as a greeting.

Each afraid of the other.

An invisible threat.

Designed by nature.

To endlessly mutate.

Fueling the fear.

Of all human decisions and actions

Those driven by fear are the most destructive.

Prison is a world unto itself.

Where all human emotions are exaggerated

by the boredom and frustration of confinement.

Anger, violence, hatred, revenge...

All with short fuses ignited by the tiniest spark.

The thin veneer of civilization stripped to the bone.

If prison did not exist

it would require the combined talents of

David Lynch, Quentin Tarantino

and the Marquis de Sade to conceive it.

No one owns truth. It evolves through discourse and facts revealed in time.

The Earth was once the center of the Universe. Any fool could see the heavens revolve around it - an obvious truth.

Truth evolves.

Who owns the truth of vaccines?

I am unable for legal reasons to do interviews.

My lead attorney Andrew Gordon @gordonlawltd is available for comment to any news organization.

Small businesses collapsing. Freedom of movement restricted. Public assembly assaulted. Countries now closing borders. Not just to keep people out. But to keep their own citizens from leaving.

Shades of the iron curtain.

Yes there is a pandemic. But it is a pandemic of fear.

Laws made by those who ignore them,

Twisted and used to silence those who oppose the makers.

And I, tangled in their web,

Will be a warning:

Meekly accept your vanishing privacy and freedoms,

Or the wrath of power

Will be leashed upon you too.

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