: A mix of virtual and live events from around the world over two days. The whole world is invited.

Register today: summit.cardano.org/ @cardano

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We hope you enjoyed July edition. If you missed it, head to our YouTube to catch up with the latest news. bit.ly/2V4l2E9

Tomorrow we'll be bringing you mini – our snack-size version with key highlights, so check back in here for more! 😉

: We were delighted to be joined by @DavidMRoebuck from @wave_financial, who shared a brief overview of cFund, its goals & supported projects.

To watch a full uncut version visit: bit.ly/2V4l2E9

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Earlier today on we shared an update on progress. TLDR rollout on track! More users & increasing functionality. Lots still to do but team & community working closely together to keep it rolling forward!

Full video: bit.ly/2V4l2E9

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is on air now with Dor Garbash sharing the latest n & some challenges for the upcoming Fund6.

Tune in to hear all about it: youtu.be/AG5DspF9tuA

on air now: Kevin, Nigel & Dimitris with the latest on rollout & the progress on the journey to

Tune in now to watch: bit.ly/2V4l2E9

- your go-to for all the latest news on the growing universe is live NOW on our YouTube channel:youtu.be/AG5DspF9tuA
Join to hear about the progress on program + interview with @DavidMRoebuck @wave_financial & more

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STARTING SOON: July Edition starts in 10 minutes @ 16:30 UTC

Head over to our YouTube and we’ll be on air very soon.

🍿 Join us? youtu.be/AG5DspF9tuA

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We're announcing that the cFund has made a strategic investment in the @OccamFi ecosystem to help enrich the Cardano ecosystem! You can read more about the investment here. To receive the press release, DM us or email us at media@iohk.io @emurgo_io

Our regular monthly show is today & we invite you to join us!

We'll shine the light on the past month's development & what's ahead with updates on rollout, , partnerships & more!

Tune in at 16:30 UTC 👇

RT from Lars Brünjes (@LarsBrunjes)

I just published the updated sixth lecture for the second iteration of the Pioneer Program here: youtu.be/24SHPHEc3zo.

It contains the complete end-to-end example of a simple .


🏆 celebrates 30k members! 🏆

🌐 Participants come from 169 countries
💡 930 ideas submitted in the last 3 funds
💰 90 projects funded & developing

Join our innovation platform: bit.ly/38b7tXT
Main Telegram group: t.me/ProjectCatalystChat

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NEW BLOG: A collaboration between IOG and @wave_financial 🤝

In line with plans to provide the resources & support to help the Cardano ecosystem thrive, cFund is looking to invest in high-impact projects & accelerate adoption.

/search?q=%23ADA @cardano

⏰ Streaming in 24h: July edition!

We invite you to join us tomorrow at 16:30 UTC for a full spectrum of updates from the busy universe!

Subscribe to our Youtube to be alerted! ⬇️ See you there?

For anyone who needs help with voting: check out all you need to know article here: bit.ly/3hYcIOQ and if you still have questions after that ping @danny_cryptofay

Voting for Fund5 is still open & you get to choose which projects will share $2M-worth /search?q=%23ADA!

Did you place your vote yet?

Mid-week repo update: code forges continue to burn bright with 2,517 GitHub commits this week & counting...👍

To follow the latest code commits, bookmark the excellent resource👇 cardanoupdates.com

RT from Lars Brünjes (@LarsBrunjes)

I just published the updated fifth lecture for the second iteration of the Pioneer Program here: youtu.be/SsaVjSsPPcg

It explains native tokens and and how to handle them in Plutus.


RT from IOHK Media (@IOHKMedia)

Our liveminting event with @WolframResearch is today! We'll be naming the designs and minting NFTs on the Cardano blockchain using the Wolfram Language. Don’t miss the event, watch it here at 2pm EDT! youtube.com/watch?v=pMfrRFNCKh

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