Reading the comments for my appearance on @lexfridman podcast confirms my belief that I've become a human Rorschach test. Same picture, completely different impressions.

280 proposals on the ballot this round! Congratulations to all the projects that have gotten this far, thanks to the voters for their hardwork and consideration, and good fortune for the projects to be funded

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Fantastic that our work in Ethiopia has been included in this piece from @YahooFinance on how blockchain is changing everyday life. Read it here

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LET'S GO: We are happy to share that we have just released a brand new version of the node, version, 2.0 to the testnet.

This is an important milestone – thanks and congrats to all the team for the hard work to bring us here 🙏 /search?q=%23ADA

Another confirming study, Novavax is the best vaccine and it's just sitting in bureaucracy. Apparently even EUA might now not happen at this point.

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I did not support the rollback and wished the foundation did not get involved in that decision. At least one other founder @IOHK_Charles felt the same way. Generalizations like you've made can spread misinformation. I hope that's not what you're trying to do. ❤️

Let me translate the billionaire speak for you guys. He's saying that he doesn't see a backdoor to get in at a favorable price or manipulate the market like the rest of the VC coins. Somehow fair, transparent, community led cryptocurrencies are "cults" I'll remember that Mike

Just finished my interview with @lexfridman we went for over five hours and covered pretty much everything.

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NEW BLOG: Chief Scientist @sol3gga introduces 'stablefees', a new mechanism to make fees fair, stable, and predictable over time @Cardano

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I'm talking with Charles Hoskinson (@IOHK_Charles) tomorrow about cryptocurrency and life. Let me know if you have questions or specific topics to discuss. PS: I'll publish the episode next week.

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You definitely beat me! I must say. That hash is brutal LOL

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OUT NOW: New Mantis client version 3.2.4

Including improved fast sync stability, race conditions for best-known block, and increased testing coverage of Ethereum test suite.

Review the full release notes found here:

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Wednesday update: code forges continue to burn brightly with 2,458 GitHub commits this week, and counting...👍

To follow all the latest development work be sure to bookmark the excellent /search?q=%23ADA @cardano_updates

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