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never sleeps. Neither does @IOHK_Charles who, right after the epic flew straight from Laramie, WY to Washington, D.C. to deliver a monumental keynote to the Government Blockchain Assoc. Plus a two hour "questions marathon" 🙌💪


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Such a treat hearing the brilliant Charles Hoskinson of @Cardano at the Government Blockchain Association summit. The age of empires is over and as we enter the age of one global community, it’s crucial to develop trust in institutions. Blockchain will provide that transparency.

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NEW BLOG: Cardano enters the age of as it welcomes Grace, the robot designed to revolutionize global healthcare. will become a secure & private environment for Grace's AI modules.


Here's a sneak peak of what we have been working on. Here's CryptoBison. Coming Soon!


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Great things to come in the future of health care utilizing Artificial Intelligence! @IOHKMedia @IOHK_Charles

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Why not party on stage with @pauloakenfold, @IOHK_Charles, & who knows how many others?!

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The new Project One light wallet demo (browser extension) shown by IO Global on
-NFTs tab
-Identity tab
-Dapp Store & dApp installation
-Vote directly from wallet
-Multi-Currency (ADA,BTC,others)
@InputOutputHK @IOHK_Charles

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Am I going to spend most of the weekend running around as a glowing cone avatar in a virtual world atop a giant tortoise with other Cardano enthusiasts hearing about the future of crypto?

Damned right I am, and you can't stop me.
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