GrapheneOS 2021092612 release:

See the linked release notes for an overview of the changes since the previous release.

We intended for to be our last release for September but we need to make a new one to ship urgent upstream security fixes for both Chromium and the Linux kernel.

We're finished active development of new features for GrapheneOS based on Android 11 already.

Our focus has been migrating as much as possible to Android 12 while it's still in Beta. Have done almost as much as we can in advance now.

Our kernels are fully ported to Android 12 and have been tested by community members. Vanadium browser/WebView should be working fine too.

We've ported a lot of the userspace code too. There's a limit to how much of that we can do since most of our developers don't have early access to the Android 12 code and we don't have it as a project. AOSP publishes most low-level code in advance but not most high-level code.

We'll be putting in a massive amount of effort to quickly port all our changes to Android 12 once the stable release is available. It should be available in early October. It's possible we'll ship a final October security update for our Android 11 branch but we may just ship 12.

For Android 13 and later, it would be nice if we had early access to the FULL code for the Beta releases so we could port and test far more in advance. It's painful needing to rush to port everything in the month it's released, but we've done way more in advance this time around.

GrapheneOS 2021092220 release:

See the linked release notes for an overview of the changes since the previous release.

We've created a Matrix room for public development discussions.

Can get a list of our public rooms by joining in a Matrix client like Element with Spaces support. Also listed on our site: room has grown quite large with 3689 users on Matrix and more on Telegram/IRC so it's going to be helpful to add a couple more rooms. We'll be putting careful thought into which topics make sense as their own rooms to avoid this being annoying.

Auditor app version 33 released:

See the linked release notes for an overview of the improvements and a link to the full list of changes.

Auditor app version 32 released:

See the linked release notes for an overview of the improvements and a link to the full list of changes.

That's what the archive of the attacks is being used for rather than fruitlessly trying to convince their toxic community to stop attacking us.

They don't realize it but these underhanded attacks on us have cost them substantial funding/support already and will cost a lot more.

Further raids, impersonation, and harassment/bullying will directly result in posting threads like this one about what's happening. Each time there's another escalation of attacks, we'll be contacting multiple organizations, etc. about what's happening. There are consequences.

We've been building archives of the underhanded by CalyxOS leadership/developers who claim to be uninvolved in it and by people they welcome in their rooms despite extensive involvement in harassment.

They welcome people who have publicly told our developers to kill themselves..

They've seriously crossed the line in the past few months and we're starting to more actively defend ourselves beyond just countering misinformation now and then. They can expect this to be brought up in any organization/project/conference any of them ever has any involvement in.

It's our rooms being raided, so it's our rooms which end up being a mess from the endless trolling.

We regularly refute the misinformation they spread with fact-based responses. Their response to that has been playing the victim and pretending defending ourselves is aggression.

CalyxOS/Techlore are involved in increasingly intense harassment and bullying targeting our developers.

Henry (Techlore) and Nicholas Merrill have both been extensively involved in pushing the narrative that our lead developer is crazy to direct harassment/bullying towards them.

This is not simply their communities doing something without their approval. They not only approve of it and encourage it but have been the ones crafting most of the malicious talking points. They regularly encourage attacks on us and pretend us refuting those makes them victims.

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