Make sure to join the new GrapheneOS Twitter community at It already has 600 users since we created it on May 28th. You can tweet to the community instead of your timeline and other GrapheneOS community members will see the posts and can reply to them.

Make sure to join the new GrapheneOS Twitter community at It already has 300 users since we created it on May 28th. You can tweet to the community instead of your timeline and other GrapheneOS community members will see the posts and can reply to them.

We've created a Twitter community for GrapheneOS community discussions:

It's primarily intended for GrapheneOS users to discuss GrapheneOS and related topics. For now, discussing apps / services to use on GrapheneOS is welcome but may be split out later.

There are over 10000 people in our main chat room on Matrix! That's not even including the 800 people using it via Telegram and IRC. We recommend joining if you want to be an active member of the GrapheneOS community:

Contacts, Messaging and Phone are going to be somewhat improved over time. The legacy sample AOSP Gallery app will eventually be replaced with our own app based on the gallery we're making for our Camera app. We'll need to make a very basic photo editor as part of replacing it.

Our app repository is an early alpha and will only be included once it's robust/secure. Likely at least a few more weeks.

It will have 3 sections shown as tabs: our own apps, our hardened builds of open source apps and the mirror of Google Play for using sandboxed Google Play.

We'll be switching from Material sharp icons to rounded icons for the next release. Any future icon theme feature can be easily supported.

Vanadium icon isn't going to be changed yet and there are a bunch of other app icons for OS components with launcher icons we haven't done.

Replying to @GrapheneOS

Our focus is on stopping a compromise from happening in the first place and containing it to a hardware or OS component if it does happen. An audio recording kill switch is something that's on our radar but only if done properly. Radio switches lack a real world threat model.

Replying to @GrapheneOS

Keep in mind the switch would be a last resort where all your data has been compromised and the attacker can still record audio whenever you have the switch enabled, including all your calls, etc. It's a lot more valuable on an IoT device, etc. than your main personal phone.

Replying to @GrapheneOS

See for a paper on using heavily throttled sensor polling within iOS and Android for recording speech.

GrapheneOS adds a per-app Sensors toggle unlike Android and iOS.

A hardware switch needs to be a full audio recording switch, not a microphone switch.

Replying to @GrapheneOS

It has been demonstrated that recording speech can be done even with 100-250Hz polling limits enforced by the OS. If an attacker deeply compromises a device, they obtain all your data including your keys, login sessions, chat history, photos, etc. and can bypass those limits.

Replying to @billythemusical

An audio recording kill switch would be nice to have but it needs to be done properly. Accelerometers and gyroscopes can be directly used as low frequency microphones. Android and iOS limit polling those sensors in software to mitigate this, which doesn't help for a kill switch.

We'll be keeping the default pure black wallpaper for the foreseeable future since it fits the OS. Our current color palette is staying too. Dark theme will become the default once we fix some issues in AOSP apps, and we'll make some UI components use lower lightness levels.

There will likely be a nice GrapheneOS boot animation added in the near future too.

Our focus isn't changing the UI so we won't be changing much beyond integrating privacy/security improvements with minimal native style UI support. We do plan to allow denser quick tile display.

In the most recent release, we started replacing legacy Android Open Source Project bitmap icons with modern adaptive vector icons. There are a lot of strong opinions about any aesthetic changes, but we think most people will like the end result when the changes are finished.

It's not finalized and we plan on switching them from the sharp Material style to the rounded Material style which will match the OS style and other app icons better.

These kinds of changes are a low priority for us, but we do want to have a visible GrapheneOS style for the OS.

RT from Edward Snowden (@Snowden)

Looks like something very interesting may be happening in smartphone security.

(GrapheneOS is a much more secure variant of the Android operating system, but has traditionally only been supported on Google's Pixel phone.)

GrapheneOS version 2022020800 released:

See the linked release notes for a summary of the improvements over the previous release.

We'll be making a better pinch-to-zoom implementation and adding support for a bunch of important features such as search, decrypting PDFs, printing and more. There are also some fixes needed for rendering certain PDFs with quirky embedded images. It may simply be missing CSS.

This fixes a regression with inset handling someone reported for version 8. This is why our app repository in early development has first class support for release channels like the Play Store.

Our PDF Viewer which be much more actively developed soon!

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