The listing on @lykke is an important milestone for the development of which will help bridge the gap between fiat and crypto markets.

Read the full story and hear what our CEO, @F_Gregaard has to say:

Over 220,000 Trees Funded 🌲

That's roughly the amount to reduce Cardano's carbon footprint for 1 year.

Keep it going! Let's get to and create our 💚🤗

Donate + Share + Nomite others to join the Challenge 🙏

RT from Cardano Community (@Cardano)

🌲Day 3 of the @veritree_ and it's nearly 20% funded.🙌

📊How many days do you think it will take to reach (100%) to make the ?

📢Summit Announcements: Cardano Unveils Multiple Strategic Partnerships at the Cardano Summit 2021

Want a recap of some of the announcements made over the weekend?
Read here:

@veritree_ @GoRivalGames @aidtechnology

RT from Rival (@GoRivalGames)

Thrilled to be partnering with Cardano Foundation (@CardanoStiftung) to launch NFT marketplace capabilities on the Rival platform.

Official Release:

What a weekend! Thank you everyone for joining us for an incredible .

We had so much fun. And had some super exciting partnerships announced.

Let’s do a recap...

We teamed up with global land restoration and tree planting verification company @veritree_

To celebrate we’re looking to plant 1,000,000 trees.

Join the challenge and let's grow the together.

Learn more/donate:

Next up, we've joined forces with giant @GoRivalGames to build agnostic marketplaces for their roster of sports teams.

Learn more here:

We’re also making strides to increase on-chain DeFi activity through a collaboration with @UBXph. UBX stakers are now able to earn rewards on their ada for helping to secure and operate our blockchain.


We’ve also confirmed support for @aidtechnology, which provides identity based solutions for finance, payments and insurance through blockchain.


BUT, it’s not over yet! Alongside these announcements we also saw rockstar @BillyFGibbons launch a Collection on with @TerraVirtuaHQ, @COTInetwork.

Want to know more? Here:

Where did you join in from? 🤔

Add your pictures to this thread and let's show people how the world came together around Cardano. 🙌


RT from Derrick Emsley (@demsley)

The 1MM tree challenge with @veritree_ & @CardanoStiftung has raised over 168k ada to plant trees and counting. It’s the start of a partnership that will redefine global land restoration efforts through transparency and technology.

📣Partnership Announcement🎉
Happy to announce our partnership with @aidtechnology to help develop verifiable credentials for trusted identity management & ownership, enabling customers & consumers to quickly process payments and disbursements.
More 👇

📣Partnership Announcement🎉
is increasing on-chain DeFi activity through collaboration with UBX. They launched their own public stake pool where stakers can now earn rewards on their ADA for helping to secure & operate the Cardano .

RT from Iagon (@IagonOfficial)

We’re delighted to introduce more details about our recently presented new filing ecosystem Agora on @CardanoStiftung Summit 2021, which will be developed and curated in cooperation with our community members ->

RT from Cardano Community (@Cardano)

🌲Nominating @BitrueOfficial @BittrexGlobal @chris_sinkey @CiaraHuobi, @HuobiGlobal @BenYorke @WOOnetwork

SHARE🙏"I contributed to the @Cardano to plant and make the first ever . I nominate.."

RT from Cardano Community (@Cardano)

🌲Nominating @block_writer @OccamFi @CardStarter @CryptoSherazo @thecryptovalley @STORM_Partners @GoRivalGames

SHARE🙏"I contributed to the @Cardano to plant and make the first ever . I nominate.."

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