Join CF CEO @F_Gregaard and this great panel live as they tackle some of the hottest trends in blockchain.

📰 - "Blockchain Normalized"
📅 - June 15th, 2021
⏰ - 21:00hrs CET

Join our Chief Growth Officer, Eva Oberholzer at the as she discusses adoption and business drivers of & in relation to the flux of regulations.

🗓Wed June 16

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Exchange first to delegate 1,000,000 ada to public community stake pool. 😍

Tune in [] to hear @Melbomccann, @JeremyFirsterCF and @BitrueOfficial talk live about what this means for the Blockchain Ecosystem.

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data on the :

Patients’ and health care providers’ data are separated by a complex network of relationships stored in siloed databases that can’t communicate with each other.

How can blockchain improve this?

Top 3 solutions 👇👇

Same level of security, yet Cardano uses far less energy!


Cardano for the greater good 🌍🚀

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is always a topic that encompasses .

Negative press continues to flow which makes proof of 's sustainability through the UN's Sustainable Development Goals so important to drive adoption.

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-based digital identity & financial inclusion:

The solution that solves the lost identification of millions of refugees & disaster victims by providing a for easier means of immigration & access to financial services.

The Plutus Pioneer Programme has opened the eyes of sceptical enterprises.

Our CEO, @f_gregaard talks about how banks are learning to upgrade to .

Special thanks to @CardanoLive @RichardMcCrackn for the great show!

If you are wondering what Cardano Foundation's role is within the Cardano ecosystem, @F_Gregaard and Eva give a good explanation of what we do, some initiatives within the foundation & how we work together with IOG (IOHK) & Emurgo to achieve a common goal.

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⏰ Only a few days to go! Join our CEO @F_Gregaard as he discusses the crypto’s mainstream adoption through NFTs, ETFs, central bank digital currencies and more.
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Your top questions are answered! Hear from Eva and @F_Gregaard in our chat.

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Fortune 500 companies? 900 companies are in the pipeline interested to work with 🤩! 🤩

What's going to drive further growth and adoption?

Eva and @F_Gregaard share some challenges and their plan to overcome them in our chat series👇

Cardano is on fire🔥🙌

We don’t need to wait for smart contracts, let's get business activity on the chain today!

Hear from @F_Gregaard in our chat series about what is possible right now and a bit of a teaser for an upcoming launch😍👇

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