Our North Star & Priorities for 2022 - @F_Gregaard 🚀
"Our mission—our north star—for Cardano to become the future financial and social operating system for generations to come"

Read the full article: bit.ly/3GQyPkn

📢Cardano Foundation & @emurgo_io Launch Project to Develop New Tool Stack

@F_Gregaard said, “The development of this tool stack will further enable a vibrant, inclusive ecosystem for third-party smart contract development on Cardano."

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Final spurt! We have already received good applications, there are a total of 4 open community manager positions. Send in your applications. ⤵️ 💪 #2022


🌳💯 Major Achievement: Thank you to the individuals, stake pools and organizations for all your contributions!
Together we created our 💚
@veritree_ @demsley @F_Gregaard


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🔔Reminder to - the cut-off date for applying to @CardanoStiftung delegation is Monday Jan 10 at 8:00 UTC. This delegation will be focused on supporting ecosystem builders & contributors.
Find out more: bit.ly/3q3rwjp
Apply for delegation: bit.ly/3FhtSjf

We are soo close to reaching our goal! 🥳💚
Madagascar get ready for coming your way🌳
Want to get in on the action to fight ?
Donate and push us over the finish line 🏁👊

Did someone say trees?? It's official! @MELD_labs will contribute 175,000 trees to support the to grow our 🌲 🌲🤗
Working together we can achieve A LOT!

2022 will be a year of major growth starting with the expansion of our team of superheroes🦸

If you wear a cape or have super experience in any of the jobs in this thread, click apply!

Follow the🧵👇👇👇

2021 Achievements: Cardano Meetups

People around the world met physically and virtually to spread awareness and educate the global .

Join a local event: bit.ly/3yShCUs

Cardano Ambassadors go ABOVE and BEYOND to educate, create awareness and drive adoption of the ! 👏

Learn more about the ambassadors here: bit.ly/3Eikdby

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