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2 hours to go!

Join us at 16:30 UTC to hear all about it from @IOHK_Charles @jjtoconnor @dynalpatel @timbharrison and many guest speakers!
See you there?

@CardanoStiftung @emurgo_io

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4 hours to go! ⏰

Onboarding 5 million Ethiopian students to the solutions is just the beginning... Join us at 16:30 UTC today to discover more about Africa’s decentralized future.

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countdown is ON! 6,5 hours to go! ⏰

Join us at 16:30 UTC to hear how and decentralized technology will help Africa build a new future. Blockchain has come of age.

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We couldn't make you wait until Thursday! We're announcing our partnership with Ethiopia's Ministry of Education to create a blockchain-based national ID and attainment recording system. Rolling out to 5M students, this is the world’s largest blockchain deployment

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Our Director of Research @Steven_Ehrlich spoke with @IOHK_Charles about how and fit within the history of computer science and distributed systems.

It is an essential interview for anyone looking to go deeper into :

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What does the world look like when everyone gets an equal opportunity to innovate, to grow, to thrive?

Join us for this Thursday April 29 & learn how is building fresh opportunities across the African continent:

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We are delighted that will be included in the @UZH_en curriculum as part of a deep dive into technology!
Read more and participate here:
@F_Gregaard @DominoBurki @PfeiferHinrich

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Economic identity is the key to unlocking opportunity for billions. has come of age.

Join us this coming Thursday 29th April 16:30 UTC for to find out more

Register today @
@cardano @CardanoStiftung @emurgo_io

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📢ANNOUNCEMENT: Blockchain comes of age. Announcing a very special event. . Thursday 29th April 2021 @ 16:30 UTC. Join us? @cardano /search?q=%23ADA

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/search?q=%23ADA is now available for fiat EUR and USD purchases!

Created in 2017 by a team of innovators and visionaries to bring about positive global change, has surged more than 🔥📈650% since the beginning of 2021

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The /search?q=%23WOO network got a little bigger today - the /search?q=%23ADA token is now live for trading across all connected institutions and platforms. Additionally, wants to bring improved market infrastructure to @Cardano's blockchain. Read more:

Factoid Friday is here!
Today's fun fact is on how native tokens on Cardano do not require execution fees, access greater transaction speeds, and enjoy value preservation.
Have a great weekend !

Factoid Friday is here!
Today's fun fact has a bit of history on how the upcoming Alonzo hard fork outfits Cardano with capabilities for supporting smart contracts!
Have a great weekend !

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We are delighted to reveal the Token Registry for -chain Identifiers. This is one of the first and most important steps in formalizing and supporting our growing ecosystem. Read more here:

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