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Fund4 voting registration is open!

Determine the future of 280 projects on the ballot & decide how $1M in /search?q=%23ADA funding will be shared.

✅ Lowered participation limit of 500ADA
✅ Hardware wallet support for @AdaLiteWallet & CLI
👉 bit.ly/3v0kI5n

🎉HALF A MILLION Cardanians on @Reddit🥳

Thanks to each of you that support the growing community and spread knowledge of across the globe!

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data on the :

Patients’ and health care providers’ data are separated by a complex network of relationships stored in siloed databases that can’t communicate with each other.

How can blockchain improve this?

Top 3 solutions 👇👇

What is the Future of DeFi?

- Core functions of money
- Stablecoins (useful for lending, credit)

- (Currently) Quite high when networks are congested
- (Currently) Vary heavily over time
- Insurance services

Q: Are Smart Contracts just for Finance?

A: No, they are also incredibly useful in the Legal environment and will significantly reduce the cost and time taken to process a contract.


What is the Future of DeFi?

- Modularity
- Composability

- Asset transfer across chains, bridges, lending, Omnichain DEX
– Deep Interoperability; cross-chain contracts, standardisation (noticing a pattern?)

What is the Future of DeFI?

Scalability & optimisation:
- True State
- Synthetic State

This approach improves performance and cost for dApps.

The real challenge of multiple assets across multiple blockchains... entire contracts should be standardised and interoperable across all of them.

What is Decentralised Finance today?

Decentralized Exchanges (DEX) & AMMs
Lending & Credit
Oracles & Prediction Markets
Asset fractionalization (NFTs)
Margin trading & leverage
Balancing Systems

The @InputOutputHK Marlowe Webinar starts in less than 10min! Register now, but be quick: webinar.marlowe-finance.io/ 🙌

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New Release: Flight 4.1.0
Native tokens are represented as whole numbers on the blockchain.
Fungible tokens have decimal points ( has 6).
This release enables manual configuration of the number of decimals that is required for each native token held in your wallet.


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It's the weekend..

You're chilling, relaxing, and pondering🤔..

What's going to be my next career move?..

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Your Friday fact about 🙌

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-based digital identity & financial inclusion:

The solution that solves the lost identification of millions of refugees & disaster victims by providing a for easier means of immigration & access to financial services.

US$500,000,000+ worth of ada is currently delegated to charity-focused initiatives on Cardano.

Rewards generated by these pools, are being donated to 100+ charitable organizations worldwide.



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