New Article: Our North Star & Priorities for 2022 - CEO of the Cardano Foundation @F_Gregaard 🚀

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With now entering the Basho optimization phase, ongoing enhancements to the core node will perform a key role. We’ve packed node v1.33.0 full of new features & improvements, upping Cardano’s expressiveness & the chain’s ability to do more

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As we enter the Basho phase of development, we’ll be focused on optimization & scalability.

Here are some of the adjustments & innovations (11, in fact…) that will all play their part in steadily increasing capacity through 2022.


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📢Cardano Foundation & @emurgo_io Launch Project to Develop New Tool Stack

@F_Gregaard said, “The development of this tool stack will further enable a vibrant, inclusive ecosystem for third-party smart contract development on Cardano."

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If @CardanoStiftung was to facilitate a community-led un-conference in 2022:

- Where would it be?
- What would you put on the agenda?
- Who would the speakers be?

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Things are about to get very exciting – and very busy. Here's how we'll steadily scale the network and add capacity through 2022 as comes alive. Lots of info here. 👇 /search?q=%23ADA

"Eco-Age worked with blockchain experts Cardano and their unique proof-of-stake smart contract for every winner, to guarantee that winners receive 50% of royalties."

Delegation: Announcing the stake pools chosen for January 2022

~300 applicants
239 indicated as a single pool
68 identified as outstanding
45 delegated pools 🥳️

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We're moving forward with @Cardano MVP development & happy to announce the launch of our Trusted Tester Program for @IagonOfficial community contribution.

🚨Time to apply right now -

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Wait ‘til you see what CF & IO has in store for 2022+. Excited is an understatement.

Fueled by, and in collaboration with, ambassadors, the community and ecosystem partners.

"Cardano Criticisms Don't Stack Up: If Cardano is a ghostchain, then it is experiencing a lot of paranormal activity." 👻

Read the article on why uses and all the "paranormal activity" going on.

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A restoration effort using Cardano reached its first goal of planting over 1 million trees, @CardanoStiftung's CEO @F_Gregaard said.

By @shauryamalwa

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Some nice coverage of a major milestone that showcases the power of a global Community.

This is just the beginning of our quest to leave a positive mark on the world.

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What an achievement! The is 100% funded, we’ve reached the 1 million trees milestone. The success of this first Cardano Global Impact Challenge for the Cardano Ecosystem truly shows the power of our community.

Truly amazing to see what the achieved together ❤️
The reward for your contributions go far beyond individual benefits but rather solve global challenges that will help heal the world 🌎 for years to come! 🙏🌲
Thank you!!

🔔Reminder to - the cut-off date for applying to @CardanoStiftung delegation is Monday Jan 10 at 8:00 UTC. This delegation will be focused on supporting ecosystem builders & contributors.
Find out more:
Apply for delegation:

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