As the first national pension plan to invest directly in , our partnership with @HFRRF1 marks a watershed moment for digital assets. We are proud to support their mission, now with a first-of-its-kind investment opportunity: prn.to/2Z9CSHA

"But surely the fact that is at $60,000 is an extremely hopeful sign... It's the canary in the coal mine. It's the most honest market we have in the country, and it's telling us that this decrepit … regime is just about to blow up." - Peter Thiel markets.businessinsider.com/ne

If a first year (lawyer, accountant, investment banking analyst, developer, etc.) earning $100k base works more than 91 hours a week on average then they will be earning the same as these McDonald’s employees on an hourly basis (pre-bonus).

Trying to figure out how well your other assets are doing relative to

The market cap just passed the Swiss Franc market cap. 🇨🇭 13th largest world currency.


/search?q=%23GOLD is down 7% in the last 12 months in /search?q=%23USD and down $85% in /search?q=%23BTC. Umph.

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Keep stacking those sats.

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ProShares rings the bell 🔔, launching the first U.S. futures ETF /search?q=%23BITO on the @NYSE.

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Is the @bankofengland involved in gaslighting? Thoughts @jordanbpeterson

" could trigger financial meltdown, warns


" could trigger financial meltdown, warns @bankofengland"

Gaslighter: one who persistently asserts a false narrative attempting to mislead person(s) to doubt their own perceptions to the extent that they become disoriented and distressed. Abuse.


Where will the price be on December 31, 2021?

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