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Just the DoJ bragging about 's 6-year gainz...

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"For the crypto market, this means that the contraction and withdrawal of liquidity are inevitable, and the short-term rise is more likely to be a “short-term recovery when autumn comes”. Investors still need to prepare for the winter." insights.deribit.com/industry/

Brrrr. ❄️

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An ABA’s bank routing # search shows a routing #, has been issued to @AvantiBT, a Wyo. bank (SPDI) proposing to provide crypto custody services. Presumably, this means the Fed. Reserve concluded SPDIs meet the definition of “depository banks”eligible for master accounts.

With , it is possible to take an ownership stake in the entire Internet of Value.

This was never possible with the Internet of Information.

This is one of the tricky paradigm shifts new investors must wrap their heads around. @Croesus_BTC

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Russia is going to treat as a currency. When are policy makers going to realize this is the most urgent strategic importance. This is like owning a piece of the internet itself + global settlement layer..you don't get any do-overs for the size of your opening position.🤦‍♂️

"In total, 2021 saw 69 fundraising rounds w/ deal sizes exceeding $100m... accounted for $22B (67%) of the total $33B invested in crypto/blockchain startups by venture capitalists." @GalaxyDigitalHQ
$750m - @CelsiusNetwork
$500m - @BlockFi
$400m - @fireblockshq

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4/ 🚨🚨🚨NEWS--the Fed, for the 1st time that I'm aware, "went there" & said this out loud:

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We’re pleased that DOJ has announced recovery of a significant portion of the bitcoin stolen during the 2016 hack. justice.gov/opa/pr/two-arreste

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In the next three months, I will hire thirty (30) lawyers at @krakenfx.

I'd like to hire sixty but honestly I don't know how to get it done.

Can I acquire a law firm?

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We have just completed an allocation of cryptoassets to our corporate treasury, our firm’s first of its kind investment in the asset class. This includes Bitcoin and Ethereum tokens, and carbon offsets to maintain a net-zero carbon transaction: newswire.ca/news-releases/kpmg

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Hey @TomBrady so @MikeEvans13_ threw my Pro Bowl TD ball in the stands… I heard he has a tendency to do these type of things. You got any spare @Bitcoin I could borrow to get that thing back??

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