Our documentary featuring incredible campaigners, MPs & lawyers, it tells the real story of how the pandemic response eroded our rights... & what is to come.




We're hosting a roof raising comedy night with an incredible line up!

Join us for a night of free-thinking comedy, celebrating LIBERTY AFTER LOCKDOWN on the 2nd anniversary of the UK's first lockdown.

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🤐The is nothing short of an assault on the right to free speech.

We've taken a look at some of the @OnlineSafetyCom's recommendations on how the Bill should be improved.

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RT from Paul Frew (@paulfrewDUP)

Well done @BigBrotherWatch . The Northern Ireland Health Minister should now move immediately to end the vaccine certification scheme here. There was never any justification for it. It is wrong! It is discriminatory. It must go in its entirety.


🚨UPDATE: Mandatory Covid passes to be SCRAPPED in Wales from next Friday!!!

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RT from Jake Hurfurt (@JHurfurt)

Cheap high-tech cameras made by Chinese state-owned firms are normalising AI-powered CCTV and entrenching an intrusive surveillance state. Me for @UnHerd unherd.com/thepost/chinese-cct

The Government's is a censor's charter, which presents one of the biggest threats to free speech in the UK in living memory.

@silkiecarlo discusses our petition to save free speech online with @danwootton

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[Video embedded in original tweet]

Legal papers from our challenge to the mandatory Covid pass scheme in Wales show there was no evidence or clinical advice before ministers establishing that they would make any significant contribution to reducing Covid cases.

They they remain mandatory across most of the UK.

We don't think mandatory Covid passes can survive this.

These revelations could have a huge impact across the UK, and even overseas.

The evidence is clear - a digital ID system that doesn't tell you if you've got Covid or not does not make us more safe - it makes us less free.

This inability to provide any hard evidence of a positive impact of Covid passes came despite politicians provoking deep social division over the ID scheme, accusing opponents of being "grossly irresponsible" and even "putting lives at risk".  

They were wrong.

The mandatory Covid pass scheme is due to be reviewed by Welsh Ministers tomorrow. We are urging Welsh Ministers to scrap the scheme immediately. 

If not, we'll see them in court. 

We will not stop fighting Covid IDs until all the mandatory schemes are dropped.

Please share this information far and wide.

And please, help us continue our vital work - become a Big Brother Watch supporter today. We can't do any of this work without your support 🙏


🚨BREAKING: Legal documents reveal Ministers knew Covid passes “might” have “small, and probably unmeasurable” impact at best on Covid cases.

This draconian, unevidenced & pointless ID scheme must be scrapped across the UK - now!


🚨Big Covid pass update coming immanently... we'll publish it first to our mailing list... 📧

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RT from Jake Hurfurt (@JHurfurt)

When schools are watching children with CCTV cameras that detect face masks or even fights, made by companies linked atrocities perhaps its time to reassess our reliance Chinese state-owned AI-powered surveillance. Me for the @Telegraph.

⚠️🔎 Hidden in today's announcement about internet age verification is a hat tip to digital🆔

Johnson's Govt is obsessed with ID - Covid ID, Voter ID, and now... Internet ID?

Join our campaign for privacy + free speech online! ➡️ bigbrotherwatch.org.uk/campaig

RT from David Davis (@DavidDavisMP)

These are shocking revelations from @BigBrotherWatch.

Technology so closely linked to the repression of Uighurs should not be being used in the UK.

The widespread use of Hikvision and Dahua CCTV in the UK poses serious rights and security risks.


🚨The power to stop the UK expanding into a dystopian surveillance state lies in YOUR hands.

The USA has already BANNED .

With enough public pressure, the UK should ban Hikvision too. Tell @BorisJohnson to now!

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⚠️Over half of secondary schools use CCTV linked to Uyghur persecution.

One school said its cameras were capable of facial recognition, person tracking, clothing colour searching, & hair colour & length detection. The CCTV units could also identify “fights occurring”.

Medical privacy is the bedrock of any public health system.

Yet over half of NHS trusts are using Hikvision CCTV systems which have had persistent security vulnerabilities exposed.

High-risk flaws have been exposed that could've left thousands of cameras open to hackers.

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