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It's been a busy few months...

❌'No jab, no job' policies
🤳 The ‘pingdemic’
🛂 Covid-status certification
🤐‘Big Tech’ censorship


🔒We are now 18 months since the start of the pandemic and 80 weeks since we entered a “three week” to “flatten the curve”.

As some restrictions eased over the summer months, many draconian powers remain in place. 👀 We've been keeping watch & holding power to account.

⚖️ In all of our reports, we've warned of the risk of
confusing legislation, a lack of distinction between law and guidance.

A new report from the @CommonsJustice reiterates many of these concerns.

Despite a lack of accompanying explanatory material or detail on how the requirements for mandatory vaccines for care home workers would be enforced.

Regulations were passed by 319 votes to 246.

@William_Wragg ⤵️

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Mandating vaccination is unnecessary, counterproductive, authoritarian and discriminatory. The Government should not seek to extend or encourage mandatory vaccination in any setting.

July, August and September saw a rapid series of u-turns and contradictions across the four nations as to whether Covid-status certification would be introduced and what form they would take.

Dr @alexdefig, research fellow on the Vaccine Confidence Project ⤵️

We've made critical recommendations for Parliamentarians to pursue & sent a copy to every MP and Peer.

Is your MP standing up for your rights? Tell them which of our report recommendations you'd like them to follow up on.

📧Find and email them:


Freedoms are too easily lost in the heat of crises - join us to protect them & read all of our previous reports⤵️


⚠️Your privacy is under threat. Without encryption, your medical records could be at risk of being exposed.

🔐Find out how you can to strong encryption .⤵️


Our latest report 'The State of Free Speech Online' examines social media censorship with shocking examples.

It maps the impact of Big Tech’s corporatisation of speech standards and the Govnt’s disastrous plans for curbing online expression even more.

🚨"This [Online Safety Bill] is one of the most dangerous pieces of legislation for freedom of expression of recent years."

"It's a danger to democracy."

Today, we gave evidence to @OnlineSafetyCom on the 's impact on free speech.

Our director @silkiecarlo⤵️

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⚖️"It does not meet basic criteria, which human rights standards require for restrictions on freedom of expression."

Barbora Bukovska (@article19org) condemns the vague terminology in the & the censorship of 'legal but harmful' speech.

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"Worrying about harms has become more of a day to day activity than worrying about liberties. All the more reason for law-makers to be careful that freedoms are not lost."

@MatthewdAncona says there is a semantic mission creep going on with the use of the words 'harm' & 'safety'

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RT from Silkie Carlo (@silkiecarlo)

Keir Starmer just said if the Tories *fast-track* the draft Online Safety Bill, Labour will *support* it! Unconditional support! Citing abuse - that as a former DPP he knows should be prosecuted, not brushed under the carpet by foreign companies. This is a disgrace to democracy!

🚨 MPs are now debating the renewal of the Coronavirus Act.

We welcome the Govt’s decision to scrap the most draconian parts of the Act but it is concerning that the Govt is seeking to cling onto emergency powers 18 months after they were passed.


🚨We've sent urgent letters to all schools rolling out facial recognition to set out the serious legal issues + urge them to desist, alongside @defenddigitalme.

If your child is asked to use face recognition at school you have the legal right to say NO.


RT from Jeremy Vine On 5 (@JeremyVineOn5)

"It doesn't seem to be a solution to the problem and it would harm democracy"

@SilkieCarlo warns against banning anonymous accounts as it risks preventing people from holding corruption to account.

@SunnyandShay | @IainDale | @BigBrotherWatch |

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It is a travesty that a CIA plot to kidnap or kill @wikileaks publisher Julian Assange was allowed to unfold in London, the heart of our democracy.

Assange deserves asylum - he should not be in a British prison and must not be extradited to the US.


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RT from Silkie Carlo (@silkiecarlo)

A handful of companies now control the speech of billions of people. They have censored British politicians, affected US elections, and withheld public health information, all on the ever-fluctuating altar of “misinformation”.

My op ed @Telegraph ⬇️


🗣️ When did free speech become a danger to democracy, when really it's the foundation of it?

@silkiecarlo spoke to @BBCNewsnight about YouTube's censorship of a video we uploaded of @DavidDavisMP criticising Covid IDs.

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