@jrn what’s alarming here in my opinion, and if I’m getting this right, is that Apple is going to be scanning **local** data, as in directly on the user’s phone, and potentially exposing these data internally for further inspection. Data that are supposed to be locally encrypted using the user’s passcode or passphrase.

#Apple: we don't build back doors. Because #privacy.

Also Apple: we're building a back door to conduct mass #surveillance. It's for the children.

#Apple using child protection as their banner makes you look like a bad guy if you're against all your photos being scanned and potentially uploaded and reviewed by a human. It also 100% undermines their E2E encryption in iMessage. This is a 180 for Apple compared to what they've stood for in terms of privacy. I was hopeful we were starting to go in the right direction, but seems like not. We are just more and more of a surveilled society. I think that is going to create big problems.

Don't make the mistake of underestimating this precedent. This could lead to hardware requirements for such scanning. It could expand in scope per regulation, silencing speech, protest + more.

#Apple #iPhone #Encryption #BackDoor #HumanRights #Protest #Think #Smartphones #Regulations #RightToRepair

Make your voice heard: appleprivacyletter.com

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is literally putting spyware on all their products because "think of the children" wtf???

This ad just became super hilarious.

(And no, is no better, that's why I run on my phone.)

The #OnlineSafetyBill means:

(1) The Home Secretary decides what content FB and Twitter must remove, and how;

(2) Companies must be able to read your private messages

(3) Services that don’t comply get banned from App Stores, blocked on ISPs


Without journalists to tell the story, the public would not have known about it.

Without human right lawyers defending that public, the courts would not have cared about it.

Without those courts, politicians would still be denying it.

I could not have done this alone.


RT from Big Brother Watch (@BigBrotherWatch)

🚨 BREAKING: UK mass surveillance found unlawful by Europe’s highest human rights court.

This confirms definitively that the UK’s bulk interception practices were unlawful for decades, a finding that vindicates @Snowden's whistleblowing



RT from Jen Robinson (@suigenerisjen)

More confirmation, if anyone still needed it, that @Snowden did the right thing.

On why whistleblowers are important in our democracies


RT from Munzir Ahmad (@iamhacker)

Finally it happened. Long live @Snowden

Replying to @silkiecarlo

This quotes one of the judges at the European Court of Human Rights today. It is hard to overemphasize how far we've come from the pre-2013 world when even the highest judicial authorities are beginning to acknowledge the devastating consequence of two decades' mass surveillance:


RT from Big Brother Watch (@BigBrotherWatch)

However, we argued that the judgment did not go far enough in declaring unlawful the mass surveillance practices, pushing the case up to the Grand Chamber.

Tomorrow is an opportunity for the Grand Chamber to deliver a definitive judgment on mass communications surveillance...

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