donors to star-studded benefit raise $440K for awareness

“Thanks to support from Nexo, viewers were able to donate in to the "" live stream last week.”

IVPN for Android v2.4.0 is out.

With the ‘Bypass VPN for local networks’ feature you can access devices on the local network whilst connected.

With mock locations your location information will be harder to track. To enable this feature go to the advanced settings section in the IVPN app and follow the setup guides.

Full changelog:

Release blog post:

Download from our website (APK) and the Play Store:

Man @AlprazoLambo the left calling people racist for attacking a regime that literally puts Muslims in concentration camps and that just being the tip of the iceberg would be hilarious if it wasn’t so genuinely tragic.


Srsly anyone who unironically supports the CCP enough to be offended by that statement can piss off.

Defending the CCP is on par with defending the Nazis. But the Chinese dictator isn’t white so being leader of the Nazi Party 2.0 is fine 🙄

Okay so I usually don't like to get political on the net but lefties and the make strange bedfellows. See in images attached: link to tweet showing headlines of and articles about , claiming they cause "hate." I point out they're about economic policy or criticising CCP human rights abuses. Get told articles are racist anyway. I ask why, seeing as they don't attack by ethnicity and ask if the CCP deserves criticism. Answer? Block. :blobcatdunno:

.@AlprazoLambo @quat haven’t you heard, you are not allowed to criticise China at all, otherwise you’re racist! Just ignore that China has concentration camps for Muslims where they’re forcibly sterilised. Or their president is an insane dictator who has people killed if they go against him. Or the fact they covered up Covid making the pandemic far more severe than it would have been otherwise. Ignore all that and much more because China is great. Don’t be racist now! ❤️🇨🇳

Fucking freezing tonight it was warm just a couple hours ago fuck British weather

Of course has to remove from the Play Store without even giving a reason. This is why I run and get my apps from @fdroidorg avoid Google! Spyware dictators!

There are very few things that I will defend with true passion...

cloudflare has great zero trust networking. no one trusts them

people who don't like the mastodon community seem to have forgotten how much of an actual shithole Twitter is

Keeping up the PECR: ICO fines two marketing text pests £330k for sending 2.6 million messages

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